It started out in 1907

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    They have the 100 years of service crap at our hub today.

    What a joke, they close off 1/4 of an already busy parking lot for 1 week. They spend money painting a section of fence not the whole thing. The same span of fence the parkling lot gets resealed.

    This whole fiasco is a waste of money. I refuse to go along with many others. Rather than a free lunch and t shirt, i would of rather had an extra 10.00 in my paycheck.
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    Joopster, are you a party-poopster ?? :)
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    I hope everyone in supervision shows up and spends half their day and those that do the actual work relax at home drinking a beer.
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    Joops, why so sour on the centenial tour? Count yourself lucky as an hourly that has a choice to attend. Think of the poor management folk that have to give up a Saturday with their wife and kids to attend this farce.

    I actually attended when it came to my center. It was pretty cool as long as I wasn't forced to spend my entire Saturday there.

    It was apparent to me immediately that the entire tour had no substance, because a manager I used to work for came up to me and my kid and said "hi guys! Did you race the truck yet?"

    So we went to this set-up where we held a truck made of wood and let it roll down a ramp when the announcer said "go!":confused:1

    I'm thinking to myself "what the hell is the point of this?"

    And then I felt sorry for the poor bastard that had to stand there all day inviting people to "race the truck", which consisted of 4 or 5 people letting a toy roll down a ramp to see which one lands first.

    Come on, can't we do better than this? For the love of God, we have been in business for 100 years and you celebrate by rolling a toy truck down a ramp? Good grief.
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    Pfft. LOL sounds like you are sour too!