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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by 25yrvet, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. 25yrvet

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    I don't know about your center, but the ones in my area have had alot more volume this year than in previous. A couple of drivers have quit & some of the new drivers don't cut it or get fed up with working 10 hours a day & quit. Vetran drivers are frustrated & so is ctr mgt. The quality of service will further decline & so will the company's reputation in the business world. It's a mistake getting the new volume & not being able to take care of it.
  2. DS

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    16 yrs now...cant agree more.the people making the decisions have no idea about the truth.
  3. over9five

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    Agreed. They've wanted more volume for years.
    Well, guess what? WE HAVE IT NOW!

    Time to bring sanity (and reality) back to the dispatch.
  4. 30andout

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    Our last 3 new hires off the street quit after 2 weeks, when will they get the message they have made the job too hard? Its not the only game in town.
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    I was talking to one of our supes about this just this week. We are running the same volume as we did in early Dec 2005. Thats a good thing, but our drivers are about to revolt. Sick calls up the gazoo......
  6. tieguy

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    The message may be that they don't make new hires like they used to.
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    Perhaps the company could start breeding farms, much like Hitler had, to assure an adequate source of supreme beings in 18-20 years.
    Only those managers and supervisors deemed worthy by the council would be allowed conjugal visits (on company time) to procreate with select women deemed to be of viable genetic background and worthiness.
    This program would yield many fair-haired sons and daughters of some of our favorite management posters to perpetuate the Reich.

    Sig Heil!
  8. sendagain

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    Peter Sellers and George C. Scott are already in the bunker.
  9. ikoi62

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    i love the signs in the turn in room saying volume is down 6% from last year, then seeing the piles of packages that i have to scan as missed because we didnt have the room in the trucks to get them out, then having the supervisor that wrote the sign say that its was so heavy today we had to put out 2 more routes and still couldnt get it all out:confused:1
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    I agree with you all. We've had a flex driver quit. He delivered about 4 stops, turned around and brought back a full package car.

    I worked 50 hours last week. IMHO, I think if my car has 10 hours of work on it, I'll work 10 hours.

    Two of my delivery customers are quiting fword company. Their shipping discount was taken from them, even though the customers are still shipping the same volume. One of them has been with the competition for 20 years.

    Yes, volume is up.
  11. speeddemon

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    Been here for 18 years and its so true. Why in the hell wont they open thier eyes?