Seasonal driver position.

I was hired for the seasonal driver position. I am currently working full time 60+ hrs/week so I would be quitting my current job to work for ups in hopes of getting in part time after peak. My wife was laid off as of this morning (for an undetermined amount of time, we'll know in about week for how long) and because of this, financially it would be a terrible time to take this seasonal job. If I respectfully decline, will that screw me over if I want reapply once we know more about wife's lay off? Typically the layoffs last anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months. I don't want to be blacklisted. Thanks


Nothing to see here.... Move along.
If you are being honest with yourself and working pt is truly what you want...

History has shown that if you bust your hump in hopes of a ft driver spot...

The PT spot will always be offered.

Good luck with your decision.