It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

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    Lol he just got terminated... Should've pulled the keys!

    I jumped in a buddies truck one day when I was on vacation and he was running. Climbed in because I was going to jump out and scare him (I know I'm childish). When I saw the keys I fired it up and waited for him to come out from the business. All he saw was tail lights followed by my :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: eating grin in the mirror after he ran for about 20 yards...

    Ahh the good old days.
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    one temp driver was delivering in da hood; people were following him & were trying to peek into the cargo van windows while he was walking up to the home, knocking, no one there so slaps a "sorry we missed you" doortag, & returning to get freaked out... he shortly came back with a handful of NDA's (code 27)

    dispatch gotta learn in those areas, they need to get them out ASAP before dusk...
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    Heh, one of my trainers was out one day, and she curiously checks vehicles she sees parked.
    Well she found one with keys, proceeded to take it around the corner. She then called dispatch and let them
    know they'd be receiving a phone call shortly from a driver... Would love to have been a fly on the wall for that and the aftermath
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    When I was at your station courier(who was later fired for something else) left his truck running and door open while delivering a stop. Came out to find corporate security demanding his I.D. and making him follow to station. Got a warning letter. A few days later was coming out of a stop and found mgr and senior courier sneaking up on his truck, trying to catch him doing something wrong. That particular mgr was a jerk who eventually was told to take buyout or get fired, but anyone in similar situation ought to keep in mind that it may not end with warning letter. Especially, as that courier was known for, you are always trying to get out of work. Give them a reason for wanting you gone, and eventually they'll find a way to get rid of you. That courier got himself listed on an age discrimination suit, and I just bite my tongue when he has brought it up over the years in emails. His wife doesn't know, thinks he was a super courier. That was about 5 or 6 years ago when he was fired, and he's struggled ever since to find work.
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    I have never seen a parked FedEx truck that wasn't left running with doors open.
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    Ground, HD or Express?
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    Ground HD I'm sure it's required to burn diesel at every stop.
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    I was hanging Christmas lights outside yesterday when a Ground truck came up to the house next door. He hopped out and delivered the package (release, even though my neighbor was home) and hopped back in , all the while the truck was running. Granted, I am the last house on a cul-de-sac, but guaranteed its not the first or last time he's done it. If we do that and get minimum it's a warning letter, at worst it might be grounds for termination.
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    There is no reason in the world to leave your keys in the truck when you're out of it.
    There is especially no reason in the world for your truck to be running if you're not sitting in the driver seat.
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    I had something similar happen, except that it was an Express courier. His truck was also running, and he was attempting to deliver the package to my house, except that I wasn't the recipient and the actual address was 3 blocks away. I never identified myself as an Express employee, but after I walked him out to the street sign and showed him he was wrong he finally decided I actually wasn't supposed to get the delivery.

    Every day, the gap closes between Express and Ground, and it isn't a good sign.
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    Oh boy,
    Do you guys remember that thread I started about 6 months ago where the HD guy calls me so that he can forge my sig. on a pkg?
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    LOL. We're all Ground now fellas!
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    ...the race to the bottom is complete---sadly there are no winners...
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    Hard to say. I'm rather enjoying the situation. Our peak so far has been very busy but doable. After a while the bottom feels like home.