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    Was notified by BA that we need to begin thinking about changes and demands for the up coming contract negotiations.... that the contract talks wouldnt start till the fall. Has anyone heard any good rumors.... Is the why we are still being killed with crazy dispatches!
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    This is my first year on browncafe just curious do I pretty have to accept that there will be like 1000 more threads about the contract between now and August 2013.

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  4. Anonymous 10

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    Yea and most of the rumors (99.9%) will be bullshot.
  5. Indecisi0n

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    Its sad but 99% of the UPSers in my shop are all out for themselves.
  6. Cementups

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    We are being killed with crazy dispatches because it is more cost effective to have less drivers on the road and pay them overtime than it is to pay another driver or 3 to come into work. Yes you pay crazy overtime, but your cost for vehicles, fuel and equipment are more so it is cheaper in the end to pay the OT. Bottomline is more important that your family time. (to them)
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    That's everywhere I call them me-sters.
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    99% of the U.S. are out for themselves ....called OWS!!
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    That's what she said.........
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    I am just waiting for Menotyou to jump into this thread.
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    I can't help it. Have you asked that particular BA what does to earn his keep? If he hasn't seen with his own eyes WTF has been happening, then-maybe, just maybe- you need to elect someone with an ability to use the other 5 senses God supposedly gave him. That is not exactly how I would phrase it, but you get the idea. That is off the top of my head while helping the grands after the bath. I am sure I will weigh in on this, again.
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    Is the five senses, like the 5 seeing habits? I am so full of memorization, please, not more, LOL.
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    A good ba has to have a good sence of smell for all the bull sh It member are going to tell him.
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    Carzy overtime is an extra $16'ish an hour. Fuel would cost a fraction of that. the same pavement must be chewed to deliver the packages, the only difference is the to-and-from building those added routes would encure. Most routes in my center get to their areas inside of 15 miles. 4 miles per gallon at $4 a gallon is 1 hour's of OT for 1 of the drivers that an added route would help. Truck wear and tear....I don't know what the expense per hour a truck is driven factors out to be.

    I honestly think the lion's share of the expenses in adding a driver is in the bennies that added employee costs the company. BUT, laying off the lowest senority driver every day for the sake of running 1 less route makes little sense to me because you are already paying bennies for that driver. But that 1 extra driver working 9 hours means 9 other drivers have 1 hour shaved off their 10 hour plan. Thats 8 hours of OT saved. This all assumes a good dispatcher.

    I don't mind working overtime. I just wish it could be held down to 1 or 1.5 hours a day. Start at 8:30am and punch out about 6pm. I'd have plenty of family time then even with 2 small kids. The company would also find my production rate would be rock-solid steady throughout the day. I think most drivers really start dragging after 9.5 hours.

    Thats just my 2 cents (worth about a penny I know).
  15. soberups

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    Our BA is absolutely bad ass.

    The only difference between our BA and a pit bull on crystal meth is that the pit bull will unlock its jaws off of a management person once you cut its head off.
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    Make it a rabid rabbit on meth so we can easily reproduce more please.
  17. menotyou

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    Is he married? heheheheheehehe (I'm feeling warm and tingly all of the sudden)
  18. soberups

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    He is our BA and you cant have him.
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    Can we clone him???
  20. Anonymous 10

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    Our ba is also bad ass except in another way. He thinks ahead of most people. Meaning he is many steps ahead. His contract knowledge is second to a very few. He is a pure workaholic and is on the negotiating commitee. If this man ever became a regional vice president truly all members would benifit. He knows ups more than any. I would bet anything on it.