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  1. SignificantOwner

    SignificantOwner A Package Center Manager

    Partner partner partner partner partner...

    Tis the season for partnership!
  2. Is it all ,left wing?....Just like D.R.I.V.E.?
  3. Jackburton

    Jackburton Gone Fish'n

    Who wants to be aboard the partner ship, looks full of holes and is about to sink.
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  4. SignificantOwner

    SignificantOwner A Package Center Manager

    Scott D's compensation is 104 times the average manager's salary (according to glassdoor) yet his last year UPSPAC contribution was only 15 times the manager's recommended contribution. It's a reverse Robin Hood situation.
  5. Dont worry, Obama wont help you out!
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  6. Haha...your money is
  7. brownmonster

    brownmonster Man of Great Wisdom

    How was the DVD?
  8. hangin455

    hangin455 Member

    I still don't understand why this appeal for money isn't made to all shareholders. Warren Buffet's got a lot more than I do. Why isn't he asked to shoulder a share of the burden. When management were the only ones who owned stock it made sense to ask the management to contribute. When " outsiders" now own a majority why isn't an appeal made to them?
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  9. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler

    Because UPS owns and controls you first and foremost, not vice-versa.
  10. SignificantOwner

    SignificantOwner A Package Center Manager

    UPSPAC is a vehicle to perpetuate the upward distribution of wealth, plain and simple. No different than the Teamster PAC really.
  11. The only difference Is, UPS isn't beating us up! to donate
  12. SignificantOwner

    SignificantOwner A Package Center Manager

    You don't get asked to give to D.R.I.V.E.? All UPS does is ask. I know many that don't give but I don't know anyone that's been "beaten up" over it. I just find humor in being a partner when it comes to money going out of my pocket, but not so much when it comes to sharing in the profits.
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  13. Most of us,got out of theD.R.I.VE ,after the Teamsters shoved Obama up our rear ends. Just about everybody else, got out, after the Impasse!
  14. As a matter of fact,last time they was pushing guys for the DRIVE,....he almost got picked up and thrown out of the building
  15. Monkey Butt

    Monkey Butt I've got a rainbow butt! Staff Member

    Who the hell has called you partner in the last 5 years?
    I had one fellow, who is a cowboy junkie, but he doesn't work for UPS.
  16. oldngray

    oldngray nowhere special

  17. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    The last time the folks from DRIVE were at my center they were not "asking" us to join. I just walked right by them and went in to work.
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  19. Monkey Butt

    Monkey Butt I've got a rainbow butt! Staff Member

    The people from DRIVE were there an hour and a half before start time?
  20. Only a Sup,would start a stupid thread like this!