I've been told that the waiting period to go driving again is 2 yrs minimum...

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  1. Arch

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    if you happen to self disqualify yourself during your 30 day probation. My question is, does this also applies with air driving? Example. Say you didn't enjoy doing ground driving during probation and decided to go back to the hub. You then sign up for Air driving. Am I expected to wait 2 years even though its a different position or does UPS considers it the same?
  2. silenze

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    dont self disqualify yourself. management will disqualify you if you suck. then you are free to apply for another driving job at the next bid
  3. PT Car Washer

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    I'm betting it depends on your buildings requirements. Meaning if your building is desperate for Saturday Air drivers it could be waived.
  4. Box Ox

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    I never disqualified but have seen guys disqualify for a FT bid and then go straight to a PT air driving bid. Think it's two totally separate tracks.

    But yeah, tough it out and let management axe you unless you're sure you don't ever want to go FT or might need to. Only sidelines you from another shot at FT for a year. Never know when something unforeseen might pop up and leave you desperate for more money between years 1 and 2 of your wait if you self DQ.
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    I know. But that's what I did early today. LOL. I let stress get to me and now I'm feeling regret. Ground driving is very hard, but I realize it's still doable. UPS could help themselves if they had decent training programs, but the class I've took last week was very incompetent which was probably the main cause that factor into my stress.

    Live and learn, I guess.
  6. Arch

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    I hope your right. LOL.

    The hub I work doesn't have PC's. I was transfer to go FT driving at another hub.
  7. Arch

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    My HR told me that I can go combo as it doesn't relate to FT driving. I didn't ask him about air driving though.

    I didn't even know there was such a position called air driving. Research it a bit today and heard good things about it.
  8. Box Ox

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    It's a sweet gig if you don't need to make that FT money and would be fine with a good hourly top rate and benefits. Easier on the body too.

    AM air driving can be a little hectic if you're heavy on Early AMs and get back to center later than you'd like to load up your Next Day Air and get that delivered by the commit time. Have to know exactly how much of your NDA needs to be axed and put on another driver or sups if no drivers are available.

    PM air driving is generally super easy but you typically won't get as many hours in on your route as you would in the morning.

    Either beats the snot out of a late night or early morning inside job. Just depends on what your needs and interests are.

    In any case, seek out air exception work after your sort if you're a preloader or on a Saturday as soon as possible. Gets the 2 year clock to air exception top rate running from your first punch. Where I am, every 4 days of air exception you run for the 2 year period immediately prior to winning a bid air job banks you a month of progression toward bid air driver top rate. It's possible to be at top rate for air exception work but then be knocked back down to however far your banked air exception days got you towards bid progression.
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    In my district if you self disqualify you have to wait til the next contract to try again.
  10. underworked1

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    Stick with it. Couple months you'll be burning routes up and making the bid drivers come to tears about how you are going to make their stop count go up.