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  1. Jakamoe

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    First time posting. I searched the forums for an answer but haven't come up with anything. Maybe someone here can help.

    Back story:
    I was hired for a cover driving position and decided to qualify as a pre loader first. I qualified no issues, 3 days after I qualified, sent to driving school. I graduated and I'm told to work preload for a week, due to seniority with another new driver, and I'll be starting my on road with sup October 9th. I figure 3 days of on road with sup and I'll start my qualification on the 12th. Ideally, my qualification would end the day before Thanksgiving.

    Because I will start driving before the qualification freeze, will I still continue to gain days during the freeze? Or must I have to wait until January to finish qualifying? Does this mean any mistake I make after Thanksgiving could be used against me and I'll be let go?

    I do get a bit nervous about not knowing information so any bit will help. Thank you very much for any insight.
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    Your a 22.4. You make $6 less an hour. Congrats
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  3. Richard Harrow

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    You will not gain days towards your 30 days seniority during the freeze - which IIRC starts on October 15. If you do attain seniority (I'm not sure when the freeze ends, maybe January 15th?) in the new year, your seniority date should revert back to your first day on road with a sup as a cover driver.

    Your local supplement may contain additional language on this. Your best bet is to find a local shop steward or business agent and ask them.
  4. burrheadd

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    It’s “free”

    Hope this helps
  5. Froome

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    Keep track of any days you drive even if it' 5 minutes. Know the date you started driving. It is very important so you know when you do qualify. UPS is known for screwing updates and days worked. As you do approach your 30 day mark and a sup ask you how many days you have drive tell them 4 less than you have. They like to disqualify on the 28 or 29th day. This way when they think they got you you tell them, "oops, I was wrong I have 32 days!" , and you can prove it. Good luck.
  6. rod

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    Oct. 15th? The freeze used to never start until Thanksgiving. This is just another way you guys are back-peddling and losing ground. And yet let’s all cheer for voting yes on the new contract. Wake up people.
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  7. Brownslave688

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    The problem is now we have double the volume or even more than we do the rest of the year. And peak starts full force the money after thanksgiving. That week is just as heavy as the week before Xmas if not worse. So management needs a month or more before thanksgiving to have time to train guys.

    While it sucks it's necessary now. What I don't get is why we allow a summer free period.
  8. GenericUsername

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    For what it's worth, here in Florida we had a few drivers start driving before Oct 15th. They filed a grievance after peak when they were told they would be qualifying the next 30 days. They won. Just food for thought.
  9. Jakamoe

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    Thanks all for the help!
  10. barnyard

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    This is covered in your contract supplement and it is different in different parts of the country.
  11. PeakMode

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    Southern supplement (especally clear in the tentative.) You have till Nov. 1 to get your 30 days in otherwise it will pick back up Jan 1. If you are a week or two away...I would grieve it. If you start after Oct are a seasonal driver.