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    I am totally lost on ivis. Yesterday was my 1st day by myself on road. Did a cpu run and after wasting half my day trying to figure out ivis, I just stopped using it. Any tips?
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    What is it you need help with? Honestly, just call someone right when you need to know something. They didn't train me how to use it, I figured it out the first day in a matter of minutes. CPU is the hardest thing about using the IVIS and even then it isn't so bad. It pretty much is self explanatory, Lets say you are at the screen where it says your info, and your idle time etc. Just click outbound load, and once there just put in the slic for your eloc (Eloc is where it's going.) You are going to need to get a list of all the slics for your pick up and deliveries to put in there. Then just click where the load should be on the screen and fill out the info. Hit done, then proceed to outbound equipment, this is self explanatory. Fill out the info there. Once that is done it should say if your outbound failed or not, if it didn't fail, click leave when you leave the building. If it does fail, just call it out, it should tell you if you need to call it in or not. Once you are at your next stop, click inbound, go through all that mess, until it takes you back to that main screen that tells your idle time. Then just do it all over again. The only difference now is it will ask you when you get ready to leave what you brought in with you. Just fill it out accordingly. If you need to go on lunch, then just go to other work, fill it out and you are set. Once you get back from other work click end other work, then click the right option, and go to feeders, then meal, then just click through all of that. Just ask a driver for his number when you go in tomorrow, and tell him you are going to call him to help you with the IVIS. I does seem kind of nerve racking at first but honestly once you do it, it is going to click.
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    That sure sounds complicated to me. All we ever did was look in the truck and deliver the package.
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    Okay, greengrenades tackled this question. Let me come at it too.

    First of all, eloc means ending location or end location: your destination.

    CPU means Customer Pickup. Customers that are picked up by feeders on a regular basis have their own specific elocs. Irregular pickups have a generic eloc , one used for all of the irregulars, at my hub.

    There should be a list of these elocs on the back of the cpu logs (ask a regular cpu driver if you can make a copy of it or ask your dispatch for a copy).

    also companies have five digit codes (specific(and unique) and generic, as discussed before . Such as REXMD, a hypothetical customer in maryland by the name of Rex industries. Lets say this company's eloc is 09RX(made up,the company is made up, everything is made up.

    When you arrive at the customer's location, and you are picking up, it is a pickup, you have to hit options and you will then see that choice. Do not hit TA.

    If it is a swap: an empty trailer for a loaded trailer that is a turn around.Do hit TA

    On a pickup when leaving the customer location, the default eloc is the same as the one you used on arrival which usually isn't right. If you forget to change it, you can do it when you get to the next pickup or hub when you hit turn around. You can then change the eloc. The only bad thing about forgetting to use the correct eloc the first time around is that if you are going back to the hub, and you have the customer eloc in there and then change it to the hub eloc after TA, it is more likely that you will not be remotely inbounded and then you will have to speak to an inbound clerk on the phone( which can be loads of fun when english is not his/her first language).

    Like green grenades said, cpu is not easy, you can go on delay(other work first) on a TA at a customer (swap) but not on a Pickup(that can increase your On Property time unfairly).

    Okay, hub shifting is other work and then when finished, hit "End other Work" and hit "Hub Shift" . My hub uses "1" for the number of moves(or is it shifts?), regardless of how many trailers you moved.

    Other work for meal, approved meeting, late dispatch(only at dispatch window which is stupid), If waiting for a load to be finished at a hub- Other work, End other work when load is ready , hit "Delay" and then hit " Equipment Not Ready" . That accounts for some of your on property time. If you don't do that, it can look like you jerked off for 45 minutes when in reality you were waiting for a hub trailer to be finished loading.

    Well off to bed, I could go on but out of time.
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  5. SLID3L

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    Thanks guys! This helps!
  6. Cementups

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    I don't understand Ivis either. Why do they keep cutting off heads?!? WTF!!!
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  7. superballs63

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    I want to laugh, but due to all the beheadings, I just can't. But I do like the post :)

    I wasn't sure how to do a CPU either, I just hit turnaround. lmao. If they want to yell at me, then have at it.
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  8. Jackburton

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    I just push the fob and push the green start button twice.
  9. silenze

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    Haha its like learning the diad
    Ups finds a way to make it confusing
    The only thing you have to remember is click options pickup for a live load. And you can change your eloc if you forgot and didn't hit leave by clicking options pickup load.
  10. TooTechie

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    Wth is ivis? Sounds like a snooty chick.
  11. Future

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    fatelvis.jpg Closest thing to IVIS, that i know anything about
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Was your cell phone not working or were you without cell service and therefore were unable to call the feeder sup to ask him to walk you through the IVIS?
  13. superballs63

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    He should have called you.....after all, you know everything about anything UPS
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    I have no idea how the IVIS works but I know enough not to waste half a day trying to figure it out.
  15. govols019

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    My feeder supervisor mostly works nights...I dont call him during the day unless the truck catches on fire.
  16. pickup

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    I paid closer attention to my ivis today. I didn't do any cpus , but I can add some more to this discussion.

    First of all, I mistakenly said in my other post, that late dispatch is not an option on the ivis in the truck. Well when after clicking "other work" and then "end other work"( after 30 minutes) for a rail yard delay, I looked at all the options, and late dispatch was there , so I learned something that can come in handy when they take twenty minutes to figure out what to do with me next when I am on property.

    Other options were (the best I can recall were : air ramp delay(i use that at the airport), rail yard delay(which I used today, explained above, didn't come off other work and then add the reason until I hit the kingpin of the trailer I was assigned).

    We also have "Held by Customer" , which is used for Cpus . As mentioned before, you can only use that for a TA swap at a customer. A live pickup(options, then pickup) does not allow you to go on other work in order to use the "Held by Customer" option. Very silly. It drives our bean counter management staff crazy as it shows up as unassigned wasted time. Using the pickup option also locks you out of the message center option so you can not inform (via the ivis) dispatch of an ongoing delay at a customer when doing a a live pickup.

    Also, when doing cpus and a live pu or a swap, you are pulling a trailer off of the hub/center property. Often enough, you have to clean out the skids from the trailer onto a skid dock. You go on "Other Work" and when finished and back in the tractor, hit "End Other Work" and then "Non Feeder" the bottom option is Washer( I believe, not the top one which is Wash or Car Wash( can't remember)) . This accounts for your time cleaning out the trailer. If you have an absolute mess in there with 25 skids and a ton of cardboard and plastic , take a picture to document for the possible questioning later about why it took you 35 minutes to clean out a trailer. You can capture the number of trailer on the inside with correct positioning of the camera.

    Now onto "Schedule Edit", this can be found and accessed when hitting "Options" . This can be somewhat confusing and misleading. Many jobs have skeleton assignments added onto your schedule before you even punch in. One clue that the assignment has yet to materialize is that the trailer number is missing. However, the skeleton assignment that throws many a newbie off is when you "bobtail"(tractor only) to a rail yard to (seemingly) pick up a load when you get there. So you dutifully follow your outbound assignment from your hub or center. It just has the eloc of a rail yard and off you go. You get to the rail yard, hit "ta" and eventually you make your way to the outbound load and see some thing like

    ELOC: 1069

    Trailer number/container:


    Hmm. You are missing your trailer number, you call up dispatch and they tell you that you had no business going to the rail yard as no train has arrived.
    To avoid this sort of thing, check your schedule edit and scroll down and see if an actual load is coming out of that rail yard. If no trailer number exists and no one in dispatch verbally told you to go there , don't go.. If unsure, contact dispatch.

    And again, when on a live pickup, you lose the ability to access and view Schedule Edit so they can send you an assignment while doing a live pickup, but you won't see it until you close out the pickup.

    I can go on, but enough for tonight.
  17. MaceFremonti

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    I edit legs in my schedule just about everyday. Both adding legs in and deleting legs out. If I have any question about where I am supposed to be headed or what trailer(s) I am taking I double check with the dispatch office.

    At certain buildings some of our IVIS units have issues connecting to the network and as a result you never receive an outbound load. I don't suggest just blindly following the initial schedule in your IVIS....
  18. Future

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    God he was plump in that pic
  19. barnyard

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    I have never blindly followed IVIS. If there is no load, I call dispatch from the guard shack phone or go by the office and ask. The runs that I cover all have a pretty defined routine, if the fields are not populated, I call and have them fix it. I have only bobtailed from 1 building to another twice and both times, dispatch told me they did not have loads, but only after I asked.
  20. Covemastah

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    OP this is not package,,they wont freak out if you mess up on the IVIS it Is confusing at times, if they say something,tell them you are more concerned on driving safely as of now and I will get the ivis down soon !! the most important thing at the end of the day in Feeders,is you got from point A to B safely and you didn't hit anyone or thing !!! Don't sweat the little things it will all click soon enough !!!