Jared Hill is 'Pilot of the Year' for UPS

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    Jared Hill is 'Pilot of the Year' for UPS - Vevay

    Jared Hill, a native of Vevay who now flies for United Parcel Service, was honored last week with the company's "Pilot of the Year" award.

    He earned the honor for his heroism along with his captain in overcoming a malfunction and landing their plane safely on a flight to South Korea in January of last year.

    "The plane did a 'boo boo' while landing in South Korea, and they were able to salvage it," Bill Hill said. "They were about 30 feet off of the ground and it started to nose dive, and it actually dropped onto the runway and then bounce back up. They were able to quickly get it back up again. He wasn't alone on the plane, his captain was with him and was also honored, but the landing strip was just 11 miles from the North Korea border, so that added even more to it. That's nothing in an airplane"