Jerked around on qualification, other questions too

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    This being my second post, I'm going to start with a bang. Got a few questions so advanced warning, the post will be long!

    If you're still reading, thank you!

    Came from another center so basically I am a new hire and am going through qualification. They put me on a training route which is about half bulk and half resi. About 120-125 stops a day 375-425 pkgs average. Still trying to learn my new city. First week and a half ran over a couple of hours but have continually increased my times. Last week I get a call from the BM telling me that I really need to get my numbers up since I have not made scratch consistently yet and qual is at coming close to the 30 day mark.

    So far, I have not missed commit times and only had a couple of missed biz out of my control. I check the forecast and final totals everyday and have also checked the times for the bid driver for the last 3 months (who has had the route for 5 years)...twice the route was run scratch or under in the last three months. Once by me and once by the bid driver. I know some of it is my fault and I sincerely try to correct my deficiencies but alot is out of my control. My preloader is horrible and the truck daily looks like it has been ransacked. Many days I have to return to the center because he somehow cannot get all of my bulk to fit. Other days, I will chase a package for 2-5 minutes because its not loaded where its spa'd to. At least 3 out of 5 days this is the norm. PreSup has been told several times...nothing. BM saw the load one day and went off on PreSup and the loader...told me it would be fixed. Sure...

    Anyways, BM tells center manager to have me sign this form called a seasonal agreement which basically says that I will be changed to a seasonal employee instead of full time driver. BM says that it will give me more time to practice on a different route so I can qualify after peak. I've been through the whole seasonal bs where they say they will pick you up after peak and then all of a sudden..."Oh sorry, we don't have a spot, we have to lay you off" and then job. I argued my concerns and he told me to hold off on signing the form for a week to see if I can make scratch. And now for the rest of the story...

    Friday, I get all stops off by 1520hrs...122 total. Start pickups at the 15 min early mark at 1545, get em done by 1630hrs. Start headig back to center but night sup sends me msg that I have to do ltr boxes. Stop complete last one right on time at 1715, head back to center. Numbers show I was an 1.02 over...I'm calling shenanigans on the times. Left bldg at 0930 back in at 1725. Not even 8 hours on road but yet Im over 1.02...BS!!!

    So if you're still reading, again I thank you and here's the questions:
    1) Does adding the letter boxes hurt my forecast as well as having to return to center to get bulk that didnt fit? I'm thinking it does

    2) What should I do about this seasonal BS form they want me to sign? Should I just shut my mouth and sign away and hope that this is some kind of proverbial olive branch offering and they really are trying to keep me and help me or is this just another game they play to work the heck out of ya before they let you go at the end of the season?

    3) Do I have any ground to stand on or recourse for the horrible loads and adding extra stops to the route?

    Sorry it was so long but I know you experts will provide me with alot of insight. Dont hold back...tell it like it is please!
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    wow not even one reply...
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    Was your packet ever reviewed with your Shop Steward and training Sup. Were anomalies noted on your packet; like returned to building to p/u bulk or had to p/u letter box, etc. Expectations should have been reviewed weekly..
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    How long you been with the Company? If you are a rookie they will take advantage of you because you are not at top rate. Sounds like stuff I went through when I first started, Play the game, be at work on time daily and work as directed. You will be in Boot camp for quite some time.You get paid by the hour. Work safe and as directed. They push everyones buttons so go with the flow , Job security
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    1) Adding the letter boxes, as long as you are not sitting there waiting to close them out, should not have any impact on your planned day. What will impact your PD is double-tripping. Are you putting those times in to your DIAD? Double-tripping adds a lot of time to your planned day.

    2) Do not sign the seasonal driver agreement.

    3) You have no recourse for the horrible loads or add/cuts.

    You should use the rest of this week to work on your delivery routine as it will start getting really busy next week.
  6. 3 done 3 to go

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    Get used to it. It will happen your entire career at UPS. Just learn their methods as best to perfect as you can. They can't touch you if you do. Let them make any decisions
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    When the supplements and riders are finally passed we will see the real effects in 2 years from now.
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    I may be wrong ive been wrong at least once before, but I dont think you can qualify during peak. Check your contract. The overallowed to me is just the companies way to call you in the office. Work safe, and steady paced. Dont worry about the numbers those are theirs. I personally wouldnt sign a seasonal agreement. Seems to me that would be a way for them not to guarantee you a job after peak. Talk to the shop steward and get their advice. What ever you do DO NOT BELIEVE the center manager if he tells you he will bring yoj back if you sign the agreement.
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    I actually agree with everything Dave said. Am I moving over to the dark side?
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    It sounds like your supe is politely trying to tell you that you are not going to make seniority with your current numbers. If you do not make seniority, there is nothing to grieve.
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    If they are changing the route and adding stuff like drop boxes or ups pick ups he should be golden. Should mean he's in by default. When they change the route the numbers no longer mean squat. If your not kept on file.
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    Packet reviewed once on like the second week. Nothing since...
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    @ouch, I've heard that too and it does say so in the contract but here they do these little "workarounds" The center is short so they are qualifying two of us during peak at the BM's approval. Dont ask me what that means though...

    @milkman, been doing the seasonal thing for 5 years so I'm not quite a rookie but I am a new full time driver.

    @brownslave, that was my argument as well. If all stops are off and pickups done by the forecast time, waiting around to close out the letterboxes screws my times since I'm not logging miles or stops...just passing minutes. They say take your lunch while waiting. Well sorry already took my lunch and I'm not going off the clock to sit around and guard their package car when all my work is done, they can pay me to sit and wait or not add the extra stops. Today, I was done at 1630 had to wait til 1700hrs to close the letterbox. Next letterbox couldn't be closed til 1720 and its less than a minute down the road. 50 mins spent waiting to push a button on the diad.

    As far as being in by default, today is my 33rd day driving and I've not seen the BM or had a check ride. We'll see what happens...
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    50 minutes to wait for two dropboxes will kill your numbers. Make sure you document this.

    Are you putting your times in the DIAD when you have to double trip?
  15. Squint

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    Yeah, somewhere in the contract is states that you must take your lunch before 3 pm. Don't let them push you around.
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Break/lunch times and when you are supposed to take them are in your supplement.

    To me it is not as important when you take them just as long as you do take your full lunch and break on road. No one should feel as though they have to take their lunch and breaks in the building at the end of the day.
  17. Squint

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    Whatever dude, go climb a tree. Google that.
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    For someone trying to qualify I recommend working right thru most of your break and use it to sort your truck. Or to take up downtime like sitting and waiting for drop boxes. After your 30 days by all means take your break according to the contract.