Jim Cramer: Panicking Never Made Anyone a Dime, but These Will

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    Jim Cramer: Panicking Never Made Anyone a Dime, but These Will - Real Money

    First up, is United Parcel Service . We all know the brown trucks. We know that the company's got the best brand name and offers fabulous service. But we also know that the stock is not doing well. Today we learned that Carol Tome, the retired CFO of Home Depot, has been named CEO of UPS. She replaced David Abney, who will stay on as executive chairman. Now this change brings on the most savvy financial mind of our generation. I think that Carol was integral into making Home Depot the undeniable powerhouse that it is. She also helped the company fend off Amazon, something that UPS most certainly needs some help doing. I know that UPS can pay its dividend which gives you a yield of 4.6% and given that she's been on the board she can figure out ways to keep it at that level and not sacrifice service or make the company less competitive. No matter what, Carol's fantastic. It's terrific to see her running such a complex organization because that's just what her brainpower is made for. Congratulations Carol for this much deserved albeit unexpected appointment.