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    Administrative positions are once again being outsourced. My job is gone. I am not in a positiion to accept the "package" and will go into job selection. I can only hope that there is full time work available. The job selection process is strictly being done by seniority. HR wants us to either accept or decline the package before the job selection process begins without even knowing where we are on the seniority list. How can they expect us to make a life changing decision without at least letting us know where we are on the seniority list. If we decline the package and chose job selection and find that there are no jobs available, we are out with nothing. Doesn't seem to be a nice way to treat employees who have given 20 + years of their life to UPS.

    Thanks for letting me vent....

    I wish everyone in my position the best of luck. We are going to need it.
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    Sorry you are in such a tough spot. I wish I had an answer to help you make a decision. Best of luck to you and everyone else in the same situation.

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    Wow that is really rotten-was that information given to you by HR, or did you get the "letter"?. We are still waiting for info in my district. Good luck, I hope things work our for you.
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    If you take the pkg can you collect unemployment?

    Secondly personal opinion I would rather take the definite and roll the dice than risk maybe coming out w/ nothing. Is this district or IS you talking about?
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    It appears that UPS, like all the other alphabet corporations, does not want or desire a loyal workforce that has a real relationship with the "company".
    All should take note of that because all employees (Drivers, AOT, Management, etc.) are just resources fulfilling a need at a point in time.
    If that need is gone, then the resources will be let go.
    Never let your job define you as a person and don't be afraid to let it go.
    There are other places to work out there and most likely a better place for the health of the individual to work than UPS.
    If you are let go, use this as an opportunity to find a place to work where you actually look forward to going to work each day.
    Find a place that lets you grow as a person.
    Good luck in this adventure and your life.


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    It is beneficial to take the package if you are 55 years old +. Anyone under 55 (like myself) would be penalized on their pension. Instead of collecting pension at 55 you have to wait until you are 65.

    I was told that you can file for unemployment

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    There has been an update. There are currently administrative positions at UPS, but being that those jobs are not impacted, those whose jobs are impacted cannot bump. So, what it all boils down to is that there are many administrative positions with people who have far less seniority than me, but I cannot bump them. We were told that we have to take hub jobs working twilight and midnight shifts. Is that fair? We are being kicked to the curb. UPS is not doing right by the employees who have 20 + years of service. Life sucks right now.....

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    Sorry to hear sounds like they are trying to get people with higher seniority to leave. What jobs are they going to offer then? Jobs with temps filling them? I know in my area, there have been NO jobs available for quite a while, except ones with crappy hours that ended up getting filled by temps.
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    Can I ask what dept you are in? District office? I heard of a couple of employees in our accounting (whats left of it) dept received letters on Monday - they will shown jobs available Monday.
    I know its rough, but your probably safer in the hub - although the hours stink.
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    So..........let me see if I understand. Your job is not being is just going to be done by a different company hired by UPS to replace you. Nice!!!!
    I'm guessing that by hiring this other company....not only will the wage be much lower and with no benefit pkg....but they will probably get some kind of Govt. subsidized payment for hiring them.

    If I'm wrong...sorry. But I'm sure that it happens more than we know.
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    I heard that pretty soon a driver sup will be a guy in India named Vejay and he will just call you on the phone and tell you what you did wrong as he saw it on the computer.