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I have an interview soon and right now I am having a serious issue. I have been accepted to go to China for three weeks for a class in May. But I have also been given the chance to have a job at UPS. Now I am an asian languages and Litreature major so the trip is a once in a lifetime experience but I have been wanting to get this job for a longtime. I am wondering if i should wait till after the trip and apply in the summer or take the position and wait a whole year to try for China again but go through the hassle of trying to get the three weeks requested off...I need any opinions you pleas epost if u read it. Thanks


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UPS is always hiring for part time positions. Take the trip to China and enjoy your visit. As you said - a once in a lifetime experience.

And I'm guessing, others will tell you working at UPS is a once in a lifetime experience as well. Only not the same as a visit to China. LOL
Yeah...I am just worried since my interview is actualy tomorrow with the manager and i tried calling the lady who i had my first interview with but she has not called me back since I wanted to discuss setting up something where I could call when I get back. Since she wants credit for recommending me. if she doesnt call me tonight I will still go too the final interview so as to not leave him hanging...I dont want a bad impression...but thanks for your advice. I am a person who has to have a job to feel secure but since its four months away I think I can live. Its just nice to hear other people's opinion...I think I will go with that...but if anyone else has an opinion just post...I like to hear anything u have to say...

but should I goo to the interview anyway so I can talk to the manager about my position even though i wouldnt look to being hired today (since i doubt they would let me because i would only be working 4 months before i would need 3 weeks off)...what do u think?
i actaully just got a call back...I am going to talk to the supervisor tomorrow anyway...just so I can get an idea of what to do with my the stress


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Just go in there and be honest. Let them know you really want a job, but going on this trip is something you would really like to do as well. Who knows what will happen. Be up front and honest, definitely go to the interview. No need to fret.
I will be...Do any of you happen to know...lets say if I get hired now and in four months I leave for 3 weeks for china ,obviously i would not get paid since I havent worked for 6 months, and then come back...would that work...I dont think it would be to much of an issue but I was wondering if any of u know since i will bring this up at the mtg as well...please and thank you


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When you go in there for the interview just let them know your situation. I have hired people in the past and one of them went to Europe for a month 6 weeks after I hired them. As DeputyDip said just go in there and be honest. Let them know that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you don't want to pass up. Good Luck and let us know what happens.
i talked to the supervisor about it and they are looking for someone who is staying during the summer. But he gave me his card and i am to call them when i get back from my trip to set up another tour and thats good...but this has been such a stressful time that I was in tears afterward...i had to let it out...since i really wanted the job but didnt want to give up this opportunity...but oh well...thanks for all your help guys...hopefully i will get the position in the summer XD