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    I know working at Ups is good for people who don't talk alot and are introverts, but do any of u guys know other jobs that are good for introverts?
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    What do you base your assumptions on? If you are referring to jobs on the inside, that may be an accurate assumption but if you are talking about driving then you are not even close as those are the qualities that would make the job that much more difficult. You have to be assertive, self-confident, outgoing and be able to interact with others but, above all, must be able to take control of the delivery situation, whether it is an office environment, loading dock, warehouse, or a residential setting. For example, you are waiting for an open space on a loading dock. You are next in line and a spot opens when suddenly someone else who had not been waiting backs in and takes the spot from you. An introvert would sit there, pout for a minute, and continue to wait. An experienced driver would have taken control of the delivery situation by positioning his vehicle in such a way as to prevent what happened above; if this was not possible, non-verbal (or verbal) communication would assure that the next spot would be yours. Of course, it all else fails, refer to the thread "Have you ever brawled..."

    To answer your question, while there may be jobs on the inside that are suitable for introverts, driving, customer counter, and ODS are certainly not among those.
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    Lot of jobs! Electricians, plumbers, carpenters, bricklayers, web page disigners, Security Guards, toll booth operators, job inspectors, there are tons where you don't need to shoot your mouth off all day! Unless you go into sales, telemarketing. Even in school you don't need to talk that much, just listen!

    Use your imagination and you don't need your mouth so much! Lots of jobs......well, let me take that back unless your a women!

    No offense.....

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    I am very much an introvert and really enjoy being a UPS driver. I try to avoid talking to the customers as much as possible though. I'm a stop drop and run type of guy. Never turned in a lead. I just don't talk to customers without purpose. Just Hi, bye, pickups going to be bad today? And try to keep it at that.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    You may not think so but your introvertness (if thats even a word) is sending the customers the wrong message. You have to project to the customer that they can trust their UPS guy if a problem or situation comes up you will be there to give them answers they want to hear.

    I have heard many times from customers how the FDX air guy is so "customer service" friendly and willing to go "beyond the call"; if you can't or don't want to do that you are hurting that areas customer base.
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    I'm just here to deliver and pickup packages. If they have a question I will listen to them. I have to much work to chat and no desire to chat.

    If they want more than that they can call their account rep.
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    How have you come to this knowledge that drivers are introverts?
    An introvert would not last long as a driver. Dealing with people(100's) daily. Their dogs. Their likes and dislikes, does not equate to being introverted.
    IMHO, I think you might be confusing the fact that a driver works alone all day, with introversion.
    Big difference.
    A introvert choses to be alone.
    A UPS driver has to be alone because he can never get the help he needs.
  9. DS

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    I can think of two,,, photo hut,a maytag repairman
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    How about a mortician? You dont wanna chat no problem.
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    Can't comment. No like talk.
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    I think people are confusing introvert with asocial/severe shyness.

    Introverts are self-reliant, focused, prefer solitary or small group activities....PERFECT for a UPS driver. Introverts enjoy contacts with people - just not large gatherings or center of attention amongst a large group.

    Introverts are not necessarily shy because shyness is a fear or discomfort with company, introverts typically choose to be low key but are not necessarily fearful.

    Asocial people avoid contact with people and lack social skills altogether. Introverts can be some of the nicest, most outgoing types. Very social within one on one or a small group - again perfect for a delivery driverk, counter, public person etc.

    I konw this because I am an introvert!
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    I was thinking the same thing.:happy2:
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    I was thinking more along the lines of serial killer, stalker, hermit......but I guess those don't pay too well.
  15. satellitedriver

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    Ya nailed me.
    I thought I was an introspective/contemplative/social human being.
    After reading your post, I must be an introvert.
    Your definition fits me.
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    How about being a
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    TSG, your are quoting Cheryl out of context. Do the right thing--remove this quote.
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    Do the right thing and MYOFB.
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    I would certainly take your advice, that is, if I thought that it was worth taking. Sorry--that ain't happening!!

    For any other members wondering why TSG is quoting Cheryl out of context, TSG has a problem expressing himself and resorted to using a curse word. When it was deleted, he pouted, then decided to spell out said curse word. He took exception to my use of the acronym PITA (I had described a cell phone as being both convenient and a PITA) and, when Cheryl tried to explain the difference between the curse word that he used and my use of a popular acronym, he again pouted and has now chosen to quote Cheryl out of context, which makes it sound like she is calling TSG an ass, which is certainly not what she was saying.
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    What I took exception to was that I typed the word ** and it got deleted, yet I can count numerous other people that say a lot worse and actually spell it out. That is what I took exception to.

    Also, I did not quote her out of context. I simply quoted what she wrote. I took it as her calling me a PITA, and thought it was quite funny so I put it in my signature.

    Now why don't you go help out at a homeless shelter, volunteer with the united way, read a book to kids and champion a worthwile cause. What I have in my signature should not really be a concern of yours.