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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by brownbag, Aug 19, 2002.

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    Being in a right-to-work state, I have the option of joining (or not) the union. Any thoughts on advantages/disadvantages of joining??
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    Good question b.b. I've been at ups for 15 years, and in the union for about 12, there are plenty of pro's and con's in my personal is a great company, and they pay us well, put its only because a union had to fight tooth and nail for that pay! Not out of the goodness of the co. heart! On the other hand, I personally DISAGREE with the political stance that they take, and wish they would'nt throw my union dues away to the party I just cant agree with! Then on the other hand, if you ever get your back againts the wall for anything and your job maybe on the line...they will go to bat for you, and go strong at that! By "right-to-work" state law, you are entitled to the same benifits and same job protection as a union member, BUT, I personally wonder sometimes if there isn't a **asterisk** by the guy's name down at the union hall who isn't a "union brother". And the doctor bill keeps coming to you, because the union hasn't paid the claim yet...Hey....I could be wrong, hopfully I am, one can only wonder though. Then there's the whole pension thing, given the unions track record on integrity and honesty...need I say more. like I said there are pro's and con's...the union is good in some way's, probably more good than's up to you b.b. good luck[​IMG]
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    One good thing about being in a right to work state Brownbag is that if you are on a tight budget and want to save money before you decide to join, YOU CAN! I didn't join till after a year. Some people frown down on people that aren't in the union because you get everything that a union member gets. There are some stewards and people working in the Locals that have been known to "work less harder" for people not in the union though. One way, and the best way, to save your self the hassle is to just do your job and show up everyday. If you do that but still need union help they'll probably gladly help you out. So its an advantage becuase you can wait a while and see how things work or save money before you join. Thats what I did.
  4. Brown bag these guys have some good points I joined as soon as I started, it hurts at first but the local uses you money to fund fights for you and other workers . Ups wont give you anything the union had to fight for all that you get. Let me tell you that you will need the union working here and they will work for you harder if you are a member.We have had scabs (from 97)atleast three that have been fired since the strike in 1997 they got fired and never got their job back but most of them were worthless employes anyway and had been fired before many times before when member and the union got them back. No matter how hard of a worker you are and how good of a employee you are you will need the union if nobody is in the union we wont have them there to fight for us. I would like to say I dont always like what or how they do things but over all it a great thing to have them there for you when you do need them.
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    I have never needed a steward for anything and I resigned after being disgusted by seemingly endless corruption scandals. I have never felt exploited during my current term of employment with the company. Personally, I don't buy into the Marxist class warfare dogma either. Joining a union should be a free choice, not something that is foisted on a new hire or current employee.
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    "Ups wont give you anything the union had to fight for all that you get."

    Like what? tuition reimbursment? never saw that in a contract but its offered. Discounted stock plan? Never saw that in a contract but its offered. Ever look at the beni package for a non-union clerk? They get their beni's a heck of a lot sooner than union employees. Who the heck is giving this stuff away since the company is not?
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    Why should the company continue to dock us for an hour lunch everyday...even though it is documented in the diad, that you were never sitting idol for that hour? Shouldn't there be some back pay coming here? That clock in that diad board has had our every move documented for a few years now right? Our current center manager is now saying that we HAVE TO put our lunch in the board weather we took that hour or not...isn't that asking me to falsefy records, when I didn't take that hour???? He then says that "you're sopposed to take a lunch" Well doesn't the wording in the contract say that you get docked the hour weather you take a lunch OR NOT? That tells me that I obviously have the option to take it OR NOT right? WHERE'S MY BACK PAY?
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    We know we dont get paid for that hour. You KNOW that.

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    "don't work it" Skiping that hour makes a HUGE difference in the time that I am able to get home and actually have a life! Again, if I have the option not to....why doc me? Especially since it's documented that I didn't take it??!! You didn't address the issue, or the point!
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    Your question was, "Wheres my back pay?".
    You know there is no back pay because you know we do not get paid that hour.

    In a perfect world you could run your lunch, get paid for it, and get home an hour earlier.

    BUT, we know the reason we get that hour in the middle of the day is so UPS can keep us out one more hour later (to make the customers happy with later pickups).

    "OK", you say, "but I could do my housecalls during that hour and it wont affect my pickup times".

    This could be true on your route, but not mine, maybe. Next bid, your route is looking very attractive. Imagine all the re-bidding! Im not saying that this would be a bad thing, some buildings do it. I wonder why only some buildings do it, and not all of us.

    Believe me, I know exactly what you mean. Having a life is something I really miss, and is probably the biggest problem I have working here. It is horribly hard, but I concentrate on making the money during the week, and making the most of the weekends. (IE I take my lunch).

    Hope I have addressed the issue. Longest post Ive made!
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    hey 9five...our building does bid, every april. No one has bumped me in 3 years now and I only have 2 p/u's on this route....both requesting that they be picked up by 10:30am! That is also the only business on the route, besides a church and a couple of schools wich get there share of text books! But I have no late p/u's and get done with my 9 1/2 hours of work every day at @ 3:00! If I take that hour, Im sitting in traffic back to the building, and then on my way home...I hear your point, It just seems crazy for them to be able to doc us an hour when its very well documented that you didn't take it! I could understand it before diad...there was no way of telling weather you took it or not. That obviously doesen't matter now.............
  12. boy and girls this is aganst the law unless you are making a hour or more bonus call you dept of labor you sups are altering you time card and this is wrong the teamsters in (Cal.)I think one back pay on this very issue.We have had sups fired for this!
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    You are correct, upsfeederdsm, but the company's response to that lawsuit, if I re-call correclty, was to start disciplining drivers for NOT taking their hour lunch. They have calmed down about it now, but I'm sure if you tried to make a case of it and file a grievance that they would simply repsond that you have been instructed to take your hour lunch, and if you don't then they will fire you for failing to work as instructed.
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    they could say that all day every day, with all the drivers they wanted too! Especially at the Christmas season! They can pick an choose all day about what they want to see, and what actually goes on out there...