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    i work for a sub contractor in a ups centre, i have a few questions, the first one being am i able to join the union that is recognised by UPS and secondly can i put in a grievance against a UPS supervisor, based in the UK so i know some rules maybe different.
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    The union in the UK (UNITE) do not give a :censored2: about its members or potential members hence why no one has responded to your question.

    In Bristol a supervisor used his office chair on wheels to block the door stopping a female driver from leaving the room during a disciplinary.She was being disciplined after a car pulled out out in front of her and admitted he was in the wrong.The supervisor in question said it was her fault as she should have "expected the unexpected" and refered to the seeing habits.

    The supervisor is still working for UPS and is still a complete a**hole.Only 3 days ago he had to feed a parcel out to a driver in his car and was close to running out of fuel,he asked the UPS driver if he could borrow £10 as he was skint the driver went to the atm and got him some money only to be told by the supervisor that he shouldn`t be wearing his high viz vest.Personally I would have took the £10 back and told the supervisor to walk back to the centre.
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    You are paid by the sub_contractor that UPS hired. The contractor can talk to UPS about any situation he may feel is unfair to His EMPLOYEES.
    UPS is not your employer. If the contactor complains constantly or cannot agree to the contract UPS will higher a different sub_contractor.
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    i know when ups bought alot of the companies over the years they were all unionised or most were.teeu could be one to contact or the union rep on site
    you can put a grievence in to the hr dept against anyone but make sure u have a rep with you and take all notes down .follow up and make sure its heard
    ups have a habit of drawing out grievences.