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    i work for a sub contractor in a ups centre, i have a few questions, the first one being am i able to join the union that is recognised by UPS and secondly can i put in a grievance against a UPS supervisor, based in the UK so i know some rules maybe different.
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    I think you would do better by posting this in the UPSers International Forum.
    I copied your post there so be sure and check there as well.
    No one here in the US is familiar with the UK labor laws (but I'm sure we have quite a few that will offer their opinions).
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    Yes Hoax, opinions are like anal orifices - everybody has got one!
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    Yep but that's what makes it interesting.
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    Here is a website that will help you a little. You might be able to join A union but maybe not the one that UPS employees are in. As I read it if you join as a sub contractor you might not have the same rights as UPS employees meaning you might not be able to file a grievance against a UPS supervisor but the union will help you with wages and payment problems.

    You need to understand that if can and do join a union you will need to pay dues which are based on how much you make. Also then you will be required to play by the same rules that you want UPS to play by. It's a 2 way street.