Jury Duty (KY)

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    What is the process for getting the days off for jury duty?
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    I know here you just have to take the check stub for when you were paid for the jury duty(here I think its $15 per day) and turn it in to your supervisor so that they can get you paid for how ever many days off you had to take.
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    Tell your full time supervisor or manager ASAP. Bring a copy of your jury duty summons and tell him/her in front of a witness if you think they might 'forget' you told them. Find out if you are expected to call into work each day (who to call, at what number, at whatever time of day you might have access to a phone). Make sure you understand what happens if you show up for jury duty and are released in plenty of time to report to work. Your union shop steward should be able to help you with the last part.
    And find out what you need to do to make sure you receive the appropriate amount of jury duty pay in a timely manner from UPS.
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    This is gonna sound sarcastic but is not intended to be.

    There is no "process for getting the days off for jury duty". You get selected, you pick up the phone, you call your supe or mang, you TELL them you are off for jury duty. You have no choice.

    Now, in most cases, you have some notice. You may or may not want to give your "team (used lightly)" some notice. The reason I say, "...give them some notice", is that, invariably, you have an argument on your hands. "Get out of it!" "Tell them you can't!" "Tell them you'll do it some other time"...and on and on. You want to go thru that? If you do, then, by all means, give them some notice that you MAY be on jury duty.

    In most cases aroung the country, you merely call a recorded number on Sun or Mon night to find out if you've been selected for the whole week. If not, no reason to ruffle feathers (sorry, fthrs). If you have, then call them and, again, TELL them you are on duty.

    Here, we were given a "permission" slip to show we were on duty to hand to employer to get jury duty pay. Find out what your jurisdiction does and follow that.

    Again, DO NOT attempt to get out of jury duty. Follow everything the court says because if you don't, well, you know. Oh, you KNOW you know!
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    Here's what we do: Dance into your manager's office flaunting your summons. Tell him/her that deliberations may take weeks or months, you wouldn't want to rush to judgement. Every day you are at jury duty, at the end of that day, go to the clerk of the court and get paperwork that shows that you were present. Enjoy your public service. Your will receive your regular pay for 8 hours, less your jury pay, it's 8 dollars a day in these parts.
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    ive been on jury duty twice in three years,in ky we get a slip from the clerks office the days you appear and show it to sup when back to work.most court days are pre scheduled and ours had a recorded hotline telling us next days to appear or any changes.its kinda like a vacation were im at.