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    If a union employee quits for whatever reason it may be after they have worked over one year can they somehow hold there pay rate/vacation/benefits with a work stop notice? If so how long do they have before they have to start totally over?

    Side note: obviously seniority won't be held, that would just not be fair.
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    They say silence is golden, but duct tape is silver. What are your thoughts?


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    What are you talking about?
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    as long as you or said employee was not officially terminated , then I see no reason why all benefits would not be reinstated .
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    UPS does not offer this option. If you quit but seek to re-hire, you start over compensation-wise. But they'll still hold your employee file against you (injuries, discipline, etc.)

    The option's not even offered to students.
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    Thanks for the insight everyone, I don't plan on leaving for the foreseeable future but I was just wondering.
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    Although I wouldn't put it passed UPS to have this policy it just seems ridiculous. Kind of like how they "trust" there employees with guard shacks at some hubs.
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    "Although I wouldn't put it past Ups to have this policy it just seems ridiculous. Kind of like how they "trust" their employees with guard shacks at some hubs."

    I personally know an employee who needed to switch shifts because of a full-time opportunity with another company, and was forced to quit. About a year later he was rehired on the shift he wanted to switch to, but at the new employee rate.

    Most UPS facilities have guard shacks, the level of actual security depends on location. I can see my city's airport control tower from the open dock when I'm waiting on a second rail to be shifted to my door. The security is obviously necessary.