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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by singleout, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. singleout

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    I was just walk out the door for stealing, I had another driver pick up a package at a daily pickup for me. I called the customer and place an order paid for it, and they gave it to the driver and he brought it back to the building for me. The package did not have a ups label on it. I have done this on several occassions, I have also picked up things for other drivers, past practice. I was never told it was wrong, or given a warning about it. If it is was wrong or something I should not have done, I would think the driver who picked it up would tell me never to do it again. Or my on car sup would have advise me about the wrong doing. At my discharge meeting I told them that I was doing it and did not think nothing was wrong with it, because I picked up things for drivers all the time. I asked them what was wrong with it. The center manager said, this is the first time he heard of someone picking up something for another driver. We could not get this relsoved even with several shop stewards telling the manager that this is standard practice. So he stated he was willing to take it to panel. So now I am out of a job without warning or a write up.
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    There is nothing wrong with what you did as this is a common practice. I have done this and have asked others to do it for me as well. If the item was for another driver and he wasn't in the bldg when I got in I would leave it in the office for him to pickup and they would do the same for me. Did you have a receipt for the transaction? I would not be surprised at all if they called you back to work on Monday. This is ridiculous.

    If I can follow the center manager's "logic" shouldn't both of you have been fired for stealing?
  3. over9five

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    Agreed. I have many times ordered plow parts and had the company give it to their p/u driver to bring to the building for me.

    More to story???
  4. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Yup, and honestly, shouldn't the guy who picked it up for you be fired first??? He was the actual one who "stole" the package.
  5. gman042

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    We all run "errands" for other drivers.
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    Not sure if this is off topic, but I'll chime in anyway. I have so many upper management , both active and retired , ask me to "sign"for their wine if they are not at home. Stealing? No. Falsefying? Yes.
  7. cachsux

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    Fired for stealing for bringing it to the building or for trying to go out the gate with it? Or for stealing time for this happening on the clock? With a reciept you should be ok. As mentioned it's a common practice for drivers to purchase things on route. I had a retail route and went home with something almost every day. Always had the reciept and always had a gate pass. Never had a problem.
  8. beentheredonethat

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    When I drove, I had a portion of a mall route. I bought a few things that peak and brought it back (with receipts) and walked out the guard shack with it. It wasn't a big deal. I also walked out with a lot of gifts (cookies, cash etc). I asked my on road supv about it, since at the time being young, I was concerned about violating any policies. My on road said, if you come in with gifts that means the customer likes you and by extension UPS. So long as you don't ask for gifts. I don't see this as being a big deal assuming it is exactly as what was posted.
  9. DainGrant

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    They are going to call u back and try to apologize.....my advice go back to work dont take the apology......file a grievance....and smile....:cool:
  10. singleout

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    This was never a problem with me or any driver and the center, I called the customer order and paid for the product. They gave it to the pick up driver and he just left in the office for me to get when I returned to blg. He did not hide it, just left in the office.
  11. singleout

    singleout New Member

    nothing more, this is all and they have proofed that I did it, and that I am not denying because i thought nothing was wrong with it. I did admit to them that i had the driver pick it up.
  12. BigUnionGuy

    BigUnionGuy Got the T-Shirt

    What was the reason stated in your discharge letter ?

  13. Ghost in the Darkness

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    Like others have asked what are you accused of stealing, the unlabeled box or time?
  14. over9five

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    I think the panel will have a good laugh, and you'll get your job back.
  15. Buck Fifty

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    This bothers me. And if it's true, then I would just think of your time off as a vacation.
  16. toonertoo

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    I got a good strong empty box from a customer, and I coded five minutes off as break. I threw it in my personal truck when I got back to the building and when I clocked out, the LP was all over my truck, without asking me. I needed it to ship Christmas presents to Hawaii.
    I had a fit, He retired, I sent my stuff through usps, my center manager said he had every right to do it, just not the way he did it. He also dragged the box down the side of my truck and the staples left scratches in the clear coat. I think that was about 8 yrs ago, and im still p'oed.
    So I was accused of stealing, but they didnt follow proper procedure either so it was a tie.
  17. Dragon

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    Just be aware not to pick up a haz-mat by mistake for another driver...I had that happen once.
  18. singleout

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    Stealing Services, falseafying documents, having something ship to me without paying shipping
  19. singleout

    singleout New Member

    Stealing services, having a driver bring something back to the building without paying shipping charges. My letter states thief of services.
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    I think we all forgot that the customer in question has a daily pickup account. Technically your center manager is right; however, there was clearly no intent to steal services and I think any disciplinary action, let alone termination, is unwarranted in this instance.