just got hired for driver helper in aliso viejo, ca

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by uzibear, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. uzibear

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    attended an info session this morning in aliso viejo CA, and got hired for driver helper through the holiday season; $8.50/hr + $800bonus if 8weeks goes smoothly with no ****ups

    next tuesday at 7am i have orientation back in aliso viejo and as far as i can tell from there i'll be on call M-F 9am-6pm; and it seems working more hours rather than less

    i live in newport beach and it seems will be working the costa mesa area which is close by

    anyway, so i'd like to ask a few questions and i'd like to glean any advice/comments i can get from you veterans

    1. will i most likely be with the same driver all the time?
    2. how many hours do you think i'll work? it seemed to be hinted to me that i might work the full 9hrs M-F
    3. any advice you can give me on how to do my job well, not piss off my driver, etc.
    4. what i should BRING, WEAR, NOT BRING etc. to both orientation and to runs
    5. anything i should study up on beforehand?

    now i assume what's going to happen is simply that i get the call, meet my driver somewhere, park my car and get in the truck, make rounds till he's done? and basically i'll be doing the majority of the carrying, leg work etc.? seems pretty straight forward; i'm expecting the worst, expecting to do all the work while the courier sips latte's but we'll see

    thanks; and glad to be on board
  2. moreluck

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    uzibear....that's the place where MY packages come out of. Wonder if you'll be jumping off the truck and running in my area?
  3. uzibear

    uzibear New Member


    you mean you are a driver at from aliso viejo, or that you deliver to costa mesa, or both? anyway, very cool
  4. moreluck

    moreluck golden ticket member

    no, I'm not a driver. Hubby used to be div. mgr out of that building. Left in 2000.......now he just golfs. :)
  5. uzibear

    uzibear New Member

    good for hubby!!! :)
  6. MR_Vengeance

    MR_Vengeance United Parcel Survivor

    lets not worry about how many hours you'll be working, lets worry about HOW you gonna live through these hours first.:laugh:

    1) you can't please every driver you gonna be working with. there are some are just plain lazy [email protected]#. always work at the fast and safe speed, but if the driver let you do ALL THE LEG works, slow down to use your energy wisely. If you feel that the driver demend too much or if you are not in the best shape to do this type of work, let your sup know ASAP.

    2) Wear gloves, leather palm and finger tips. you gonna handle alot of boxes so this protect your hands from cuts.

    3) Wear comfortable shoes with good ankle support. forget about boots cause those WILL KILL your feet in 1 day. black basketball shoes will do, or what ever flows your boat. Drivers do not care about what kind of shoes you wear to work fast. as long as the pkgs are off the car in a decent time, all is good!!!

    GOODLUCK and look forward to loose some weight:laugh:
  7. uzibear

    uzibear New Member

    thanks; anyone else have advice?

    what sort of gloves should i buy? i'm assuming work gloves/railroad gloves might come off or be too stiff, but is that what y'all use?

  8. uzibear

    uzibear New Member

    alright, here's the thing i need to mention; i'm not in good shape; i'm overweight; now, i'm decent cardio and can move quick short distances (i'm a big guy with long legs), and carrying big packages shouldn't be a problem; but i'm not sure i can run for 8hrs a day; now, i think i have the right idea of what i'll be doing: jumping out of the truck, jumping in the back, grabbing a couple packages, jogging up to the doors, ringing doorbell etc.? i'm definitely going to give it a shot, but i'm really not sure if i'm going to be able to do this; i'm actually a bit suprised i was hired because of my weight; i suppose there's not much you could tell me, and without a doubt i'm willing to hussle my ass off and try my best; and i'm available all the time so i know that when i get the call i can meet up ASAP, but i'm very concerned; tuesday is orientation and i'm starting to feel that i might have made a mistake; but then again, even though i'm fat, i'm big, have long legs, can lift and carry lots of packages, and stride my way pretty quick; i'm just feeling very concerned about this right now. anyway, wanted to mention that.

    couple questions:
    1. do i have regulation full uniform? is it shorts and a shirt? or do i need my own pants/shorts?
    2. will i most likely be with the same driver on the same route everyday?
    3. do most people RUN with the packages? i don't think i've ever seen a driver RUNNING, i can book a fast stride, but i hope i don't have to run all day

    thanks folks; this might not be for me, and as the last few days have gone by i've become more and more nervous about it; i certainly want to be helpful, and if i'm not i'll just have to quit; man i've become negative, but i'm just really unsure right now

    the pay isn't good ($8.50hr i think) but there's an $800 bonus for the eight weeks of work if all goes well, so that's the trick

    ok, i'm done
  9. MR_Vengeance

    MR_Vengeance United Parcel Survivor

    think of this as a PAID weight loss program.:laugh:
  10. uzibear

    uzibear New Member

    thanks for not bashing me right off; appreciate it; i am thinking of it that way; and intend to hussle

    tomorrow morning is orientation, we'll see
  11. Deuce

    Deuce Member

    here is my .02cents i have been a driver helper and now.... well im in the drivers seat so i have done both
    to answer your questions...

    1- they will give you a uniform, i dunno where you live, but i live up north and its cold in the winter so i got pants/shirt and a jacket, if you want a hat, ask for one and they will probably even let you have it.

    2- when i was a driver helper they tried to pair me up with a driver that had a route near my house, i was with 2 drivers mostly, they put me in an area that was close to my house so that was nice

    3- don't run. you might think you are doing you and your driver a favor, but don't. just walk with at a brisk pace with a sense of urgency. lol if that isn't a company line i dont know what is. because when it comes down to it, (ex.) if you are "running" and trip and fall or whatever, the company will say it is your fault for getting hurt because you shouldn't have been running.

    my advice-
    from what I have seen, size/shape doesnt matter nearly as much as work ethic. just show up with a positive attitude ready to work. "IF" you have a cool driver, (most are) your driver will recognize you are trying and putting in an effort. he/she will do little things to hook you up that you might not notice. They can also request to have you specifically back again, "hey sup, that helper i had was great, i want him again tommorow," "no problem i'll call him up and tell him to be ready tommorow"

    honestly, just try to move quick with a purpose. your first few stops you will probably be suprised how quickly the driver goes through his/her routine. just try to do your best to be quick and not slow them down, that will make them happy and they will appreciate that.

    I dunno what else to say just be positive and enjoy the ride no pun intended) because honestly for my first time or 2 riding in the UPS truck it was kinda cool.... you get to play "the UPS guy" its kinda fun... at first lol.

    hope this helps ya
    if you have any questions, send me a private message
  12. uzibear

    uzibear New Member

    this might sound weird but i'm a fantastic "strider" :) i am 6' but have the legs of someone perhaps 6'4" (no joke, i have a very short torso); i can take long strides and move quick; i'm feeling better about this

    you guys are really helping me out and i appreciate it

    here's another (odd) question: can i wear suspenders? brown ones for example?
  13. Deuce

    Deuce Member

    I've never seen anyone with suspenders, they will probably give you a black belt with your pants.... i dunno if you are set on suspenders ask your supervisor, it cant hurt to ask....

    espically if it's cold where you live, you will be wearing a jacket so no one will know if you are wearing suspenders under your jacket or not
  14. helenofcalifornia

    helenofcalifornia Well-Known Member

    You are going to need suspenders with all the weight you are going to lose. And be prepared to be VERY sore the first week. Some runners don't come back after the first day. Take advil and carry more with you, along with at least 1/2 gallon of water. Some drivers carry their lunches and some eat out. So you might want to pack a lunch until you figure out what your driver does. When I had a helper, I scanned the packages, and then we would both head out the doors delivering. Good luck and report back to tell us how it's going. Don't be intimidated, just do your best and ask questions if you don't understand the system. You will want a good handcart if you are going to be in South Coast Mall all day.
  15. uzibear

    uzibear New Member

    thanks; i will let you know; i will either start tomorrow or day after
  16. Deuce

    Deuce Member

    good luck bud
  17. krazee617

    krazee617 New Member

    i also just got hired as a Driver Helper i'm in Boston. i had a few of the same questions but they got answered in here . i am suppose to go for orentation on the 21st and start some time after that. i'm looking forward to it
  18. uzibear

    uzibear New Member

    had orientation yesterday; management folks drowning on for hours what could have been covered in minutes, but i'm getting paid for it, so no complaints; i'll get a call tomorrow morning to meet my driver, who'll have my browns; hope it goes well
  19. krazee617

    krazee617 New Member

    let me know how it goes. hope you don't work too hard :)
  20. uzibear

    uzibear New Member

    good first day

    had first day today; went WELL!!! found i didn't have much problem running, and i was actually running a lot of the time; very cool driver, we hit it off and he's gonna get me back with him monday, and hopefully through peak; 194 stops i believe in some 5.5hrs, from 2pm till 7.30; we had to meet another driver at one point to transfer packages.

    anway, things are looking up; this job is great right now since i'm only in socal untill the end of the year and then i'm gone, back to colorado; there aren't many jobs that would hire for two months, and this is perfect; $100bonus a week for showing up and no problems, so that's quite an incentive; 8.50hr but atleast not min-wage; anyway, i had a good time, boxes were managable, and i found myself outrunning my driver, so definitely suprised myself; still, it certainly was hard, i'm sore and dead tired; but from what i've heard on here and from other folks, i was expecting much worse; still surely it will get much heavier in december, no doubt, but by then i'll be more in the swing of things; i'm definitely going to drop some pounds on this job, and that's bloody great

    so, i'm very pleased; i'm definitely thinking about doing package handling at commerce city, CO when i go back there for school; just need to find a good apt close to the bus