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    i posted this in the discussion forum but i think i may of put it in the wrong forum do to lack of responses so here it is again sorry for the multiple posts regarding the same thing.

    hello, thanks for your time in reading this post. i was just hired yesterday to ups supply chain soltuions in my area, initially i was under the impression that UPS was UPS but now after ive done a little research i see now there are multiple divisons. i suppose the reason im writing this is to find out a little information, i dont really know much at all so i thought who better to ask than those who work for UPS. Can you tell me some basics like what is UPS scs? i know that i will be starting out at 9.90/hr, is that the average starting pay? its just an entry level position, dock worker is the position i filled the application for, is 9.90/hr the average starting pay? i always heard that UPS workers got paid pretty good, should i expect to be paid $10 forever? Is UPS scs a part of the union? if so can you explain the union to me? ive never before worked for a union. i guess i just dont know what to expect so im looking for any information you guys are willing to share with me. full-time employee benefits informations will be apprecaited as well, vacation time, health care, sick days, things of that sort. thanks in advance for your greatly appreciated responses. :happy:
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    welcome. This it is how things are here.
    1 Be on time and show every day.work hard
    2 Union guy will come and say welcome
    3 After 60 days you will be told "take a foto for your ID". now you are regular PT employee.
    4 Union guy will give you union card for enrrolment. (advice:be part of the union)there you ask for a copy of your union contract were you learn how much you will be pay in the future, vacation,sick days,pension, 401k,etc.Information abt full time employee its there to
    You are right UPS pay more and give better benefits to dockworkers than any other employer.
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    SCS is Supply Chain Solutions, a subsidiary that was created about 15 yrs ago or so. The company does distribution, warehousing, freight forwarding, air cargo, all the things Small Package doesn't do. That being said, you will hear we all one company but as you are finding out in reality we are not! Many policies between the two companies are different, such as pay, benefits, job grades, vacation, and until recently even the dress code. Not all of SCS is union, but the drivers and dockworkers are. Outside of these people, union is not a word managers like to hear.

    Hope this helps!
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