Just had interview and lost the paper HR gave me on the bus, Please help!

Discussion in 'Introductions and Welcomes' started by petal, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. petal

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    Hello everyone :salute:

    I just had an interview to be a seasonal driver helper this afternoon and everything went well. She took photo copies of my ID and said it takes 72 hours before everything can be completely verified so hopefully I could attend orientation this coming Monday 23rd. She sent me off with a piece of paper said that since I already gave her my social that I just needed to follow the instructions on the top. It gave information of where I was to go and log in and then complete the necessary details, such as your W4 etc.

    I took public transport to get to my interview (493 County Ave. Secaucus NJ) and of course on the crowded ride home the bloody paper she gave me came out of my pocket :slap: when I got up at my stop. I thought I would be able to go the website and find a phone number to call but there is no way to contact HR because they do not list any number :why:. Does anyone remember the website that I need to go to? I would really appreciate it if someone could help :please:. Otherwise I guess I will just have to schlep back down there tomorrow:bloodshot:.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks a million.

    (sorry if its a bit much, I haven't used emoticons in ages)
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  3. petal

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    I know... I would point at me and laugh too, ha ha ha.
  4. upschuck

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    Are you talking about UPSjobs.com to finish up application? Otherwise, I'd have no idea.
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  5. petal

    petal New Member

    :whew: Okay... chuck, you are right,

    I just logged in to where I originally applied and another section appeared with a lot more things to complete.
    I am guessing this is where I needed to go but now I am just unsure if I have to complete them all... oh well, better to cover all bases right.

    Thanks for listening everyone.
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  6. upschuck

    upschuck Well-Known Member

    If it popped up, then fill it in. If I remember right they say 3 or 4 new sections will pop up.
  7. silenze

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    Yep upsjobs.com is where you go to complete the application
  8. olroadbeech

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    management material

    only kidding. good luck.
  9. petal

    petal New Member

    No worries... we all need to be able to laugh at ourselves. Its a good thing I never took myself too seriously :P

    Thanks for wishing me luck anyway
  10. rod

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    Maybe it was a sign from the world beyond that you should look for a job elsewhere? You have been warned.
  11. scooby0048

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    So why start now. Way overkill on those. We would have answered your questions without all that honeybooboo faceyspacey crap. Sounds like your question got answered, good luck out there!