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  1. Nockahate9

    Nockahate9 Member

    How many times do you get hit on when making stops,. Got any good stories. My buddy made a drop last week and the women came to the door wearing a see through bra.
  2. rod

    rod retired and happy

    Unfortunately most of the encounters like that were with women that should of had MORE clothes on. ( but there were a few encounters that I will always treasure) :peaceful: If you are asking if I ever made it with a customer the answer is no. If you are asking if I ever had one open their door and be wearing nothing or almost nothing the answer is yes-- many times. I was and still am lucky enough to have a great wife so the temtation to stray never was there. But it never hurts to look
  3. browniehound

    browniehound Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately for me I get hit on by men more than woman. I always envied the cover driver that got a phone # given to him by a female on someone else's route.

    I'm embarrassed to say this but the only time I got a number after covering a route was from a man who worked in a framing store:sad-very:. I'm not gay, but apparently someone thought so:whiteflag:
  4. Mike Hawk

    Mike Hawk New Member

    One bank on a route that I help a lot on has some ridiculously hot tellers with massive boobies and low cut suit tops, usually stop there 3 times a day, NDA, ground and an on call pickup later. Rock paper scissors to see who gets to go in and talk to them.:happy-very:
  5. BigBrownSanta

    BigBrownSanta New Member

    That statement couldn't be more true. I used to deliver to a nudist camp and the hot, gorgeous babes definitely did NOT frequent there... :happy-very:
  6. hseofpayne

    hseofpayne Guest

    I had adelivery for a condo once, rang thedoobell a couple times and was fixing to DR the pkg when this absolutely beautiful girl ran to the door. She was frsh out of the shower and had just wrapped a towel aroud her top. She asked if she needed to sign and I thought, why not, I will just enjoy the view a little longer. She reached out to grab my DIAD and down came the towel! Damn she was fine! Anyway, she didn't even skip a beat, she signed my pad and handed it back to me and said, "Thanks". I just smiled and said, "No, Thank You"!!
  7. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator Staff Member

    A gentleman never tells.
  8. speeddemon

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    Quite often. Back in my bachelor days, I did end up dating a few women I met on the route. However, I DO NOT reccomend dating someone, and then dating her boss afterward. That didnt go over to well. But I am a sucker for some 36 D's.
  9. bellesotico

    bellesotico BOXstar

    I get hit on by randoms..

    But the only men that seem to come to the door half dressed are the weirdo old pervs that wear the black socks pulled up to their knees..boxers pulled up to their necks and white tshirts....

  10. rushfan

    rushfan Well-Known Member

    Most of the time the blue hairs would come after me. Now, it's just fat truck drivers at truck stops.
  11. bellesotico

    bellesotico BOXstar

    Oh yeah baby!
  12. Baba gounj

    Baba gounj pensioner

    Nude or naked women not on my routes, however on one saturday I woke up a 400 lb man who slept nude. Right after that my cell rang from another driver who just had one of those girl right out of shower wearing towel that opened when signing tale.
    Best one I ever heard was way back when Saturday Air first started; we had a former jockey doing a route, a house with a long driveway, as he was pulling in another car was leaving, he goes up and rings the bell, the newly wed wife thinks it her mate coming back, so she throws open the door in the buff. Back then we had 2-way radios in the P300 , when that driver tried to tell me what happened he was in shock.
  13. Storm723

    Storm723 Preload Supervisor

    Oh come on that sounds cute!!
  14. hseofpayne

    hseofpayne Guest

    Since I'm no gentleman, I will tell another story! I used to run this rte that had 2 strip clubs on it. When I first started delivering to one named Cafe Erotica, I would walk in with a handtruck slam full of porn and toys and have to wait for the manager to write me a couple checks. I always told him to take his time, balance the checkbook if he wanted! Anyway, when I would walk in, I would turn my back to the stage where the girls were dancing and face the check out counter, chat with the clerk. After about a month of coming in and facing the counter, one of the "dancers" walked up to me and said," I just want you to know how impressed all us girls are with how you don't stand here and just stare at the stage like all the other truckers who come in here waiting on the manager, you are a gentleman". I just smiled and pointed to the full size mirror behind the counter that gave a full view of the girl on stage at the time! She just laughed and said," Damn, I should have known better!"
  15. bellesotico

    bellesotico BOXstar

    LOL..brilliant...naughty..but brilliant :bow:
  16. hseofpayne

    hseofpayne Guest

    Yeah, I lost that rte to one of our resident lesbian drivers, not that I have anything against lesbians, we have a lot in common! The other strip club had an ole cougar running it, ex stripper, oops, I mean dancer! She used to hit on me, tell me to come back when I got off( work that is), but strip clubs just ain't my thing.