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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by dannyboy, Dec 31, 2005.

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    As we enter a new year and reflect on the past, I thought I would ramble a bit on some observations.

    After having spent the week before Christmas on a cruise (33 years without the option of taking the week before Christmas off, so I had to give it a go) and stopping at several islands, getting to spend time with native folk, ans as the usual self, asking lots of questions, I came away with the realization that we truly are very blessed in this country.

    Yes, you bet, we have our problems. But in the great scope of things, we have an abundance that very few countries have, a freedom where we can agree to disagree and believe as we wish.

    In speaking with one young lady, the average wage that they have there in Jamaica works out to $50 a week. And most of the days are 10-12 hours long. And that is if you can get a job. The Jamaican dollar, well with 1 US dollar, you can buy 60-65 of their dollars. To try and get a visa to visit the USA, you have to pay $175 that is non refundable, take an oral exam that changes each time you take it, and in most cases is a lost cause because of corruption and greed. But yet they keep on trying.

    Why is it that people from all over the world still attempt to come here from all over the world, even with the problems that we face. Its because life is better here. OF course we want more, that is human nature.

    I guess in a lot of things we tend to gripe and complain, Me included. But sometimes we need to sit back and think things through. We need to be thankful for the many blessings we have, family, friends, lifestyle, and the fact that the most of us do have a well paying job with a company that is financially solid. That can not be said for a lot of others. And thankful not just during thanksgiving, but year around.

    Take time to reflect on this past year, learn from past mistakes, take a minute to smell the roses or play with your kid or pet.

    And I hope that each and every one of you will be here next year at this time as healthy as you are today.

    Happy New Year.

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    DBoy-And a Happy New Year to you also. We have become people with a sense of entitlement and I look at the future of this country with great trepidation. As discussed in another thread so many people believe that the government owes them a living (welfare, food stamps, etc.). Our politicians (both parties) vie for the love and affection of these people so is it any surprise that the only way a lot of crops get picked is by having illegal workers come in and do the job. Meanwhile our kids continued fascination with computer games leads to more obesity and somewhere down the road, increased medical costs. Still people from other countries continue to come, because even with these problems we offer more hope to them than they can get in their own countries. Unfortunately rather than assimilating into our culture, they demand the right to establish their culture here, creating tension with the competing cultures. Where will it all end? I have no clue and can only pray for the best outcome.

    Now that I'm finished with my gloom and doom let me wish ALL my Browncafe compratriots, no matter your political or religious beliefs:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR:clap:
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    Ever the cockeyed optimist, I'm seeing UPS stock at $100 in 2006 !! The DOW at 12,000 !! (fingers & toes crossed)

    Deep thoughts, danny and nice sentiments. We are truly lucky to be where we are.....and it is just by the luck of the draw (so to speak).

    Happy New Year to all !

    [EVIL]Don't Drink & Drive[/EVIL]
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    That's not a cockeyed optimist, that's either totally wishful thinking or someone who started the New Year partying yesterday and never put down the bottle!:lol: Just funnin' with ya moreluck. Never hurts to set the goals high because if you keep working at some point you're bound to make it.

    Happiest of New Year to you!

    A Big Amen to that!
  5. One more thought for the new year ......

    Every day is a gift. If you can wake up, take a deep breath without it hurting, wiggle your fingers and toes, and remember your name, if you have teeth to brush, a roof over your head, food on your table, and people in your life who love you and whom you love, it is a beautiful day. Everything else everything else is gravy.
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    Had to throw in my $2 here.In Canada we have every possible ethnic group all living together under one big flag.We all seem to get on well for the most part.As for bringing thier cultures along with them,they tend to keep to themselves and rarely cause trouble.Theres one major exception here,and thats young black males,gangs and guns.I read in thier world you are either a baller (basketball player) a repper(represent a specific gang) or a rapper.(as in rap music)We had a gunfight on our main downtown street on boxing day,7 people shot,one 14 yr old girl killed shopping with her mom.We have an important election next week that involves stopping this rampant gunplay,and replacing a corrupt government with people that will keep thier promises.Although its been a bad year for the city I work in,I still feel like moreluck,optomistic that this coming year will be better than last year.Wily theres a new "doom and gloom" video game out, lets have chips n beer...and I agree with AC`s first line ...every day is a gift ...if you can wake up.
    ~~~Good luck to everyone in the new year~~~
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    What you said kinda hit home in our building this past week as a center manager to the shock of all suddenly died. He and his wife were watching the Rose Bowl and she went to bed. Next morning he's not there and she goes in and finds him sitting in the same chair like he'd never moved and he was dead. Cause is being investigated but he's just had ankle surgery and blood clot seems to be the chief cause so far. The guy was I believe in his late 30's and although some overweight and he was high strung, nobody ever expected something like this. Just makes you think when something like this happens.