Just wanted to say Thank You

About two weeks ago I had an interview for a seasonal driver. After the interview I thought of a ton of questions I wished I would have asked. So I went to Goggle and searched for answers. Almost every question I had was on Brown Cafe, so I finally just started searching Brown Cafe. It made the driver training so much easier and I just wanted to thank you all for answering the same questions over and over. I sure that it gets frustrating having to answer the same questions again and again, but it does make it easier to find when you search for them.

Once again, Thank You.


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Info and entertainment- that's what we are all about. Beware though that a very few (one in particular) thinks they are God of UPS and no one elses opinion counts.:peaceful:

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You have a great attitude! It can be a roller coaster ride. Here is hoping your ride is a real thrill! Good Luck to you!