Kaiser or Blue cross/blue shield? please help

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    I am new to ups. I am working in the Los Angeles area. Anyways, I just received my healthcare package from ups in the mail. I went over it but i am having trouble deciding which healthcare plan to go with. Kaiser or Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Who else better to ask then fellow upers. It will help me tremendously and I will appreciate your input. thank you:happy2:
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    I recommend you check with your doctor's billing dept.
    1. Is your doctor a participant in either program? That could make the decision for you right there.
    2. Which plan (in their opinion) is easier to deal with and more favorable to the patient?
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    Here in Oregon Kaiser options are much more limited than Blue Cross. My wife is an RN and she has said that Kaiser patients have fewer care choices in the hospital. We have been with Blue Cross and are very satisfied.