Keith Olbermann Suspended Without Pay

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by clueless, Nov 6, 2010.

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    Keith Olbermann Suspended from MSNBC for Political Contributions

    Face of Left-Leaning Network Suspended for Donating Money to Democrats

    MSNBC has suspended anchor Keith Olbermann, after it was revealed the "Countdown" host made political contributions to three Democratic candidates.

    Politico reported Friday that Olbermann contributed to the candidates in the run-up to Tuesday's midterm elections, making a donation to Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva on the same day he appeared on the cable news show.

    In a statement, MSNBC said its ethics policy bans journalists from making political contributions. Olbermann, perhaps the cable network's most famous face, is known as an outspoken liberal commenter. As one of the network's highest-paid personalities, he is central to the network's "Lean Forward" campaign, a rebranding effort promoting progressive points of view. Thomas Roberts anchored "Countdown" on Friday night.

    Love the line in the video from the NY Times media analyst "he basically hosted the Democratic Nightly News...." Truer words were never spoken....good to see someone with sense acknowledge the leftist nature of the MiSiNformedBullCr@p propaganda machine.
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    I think he really got canned for bad ratings, and his show had the highest on that network. Comcast is buying NBC and its house cleaning time. I don't see anything wrong with commentators making political contributions, as long as they are open about it. Personally, I wouldn't give a cent to anybody in either party.
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    Isn't FOX or Murdoch one of the GOP's biggest supporters? He'll be back. In the meantime I hope we get more Rachel Maddow.
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    I have to agree watching him the few times i did was like watching paint dry.
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    Fox and Murdoch are irrelevant in this. Olbermann as I understand it violated an MSNBC policy and IMO nothing else matters. I don't watch Olbermann or any of the Fox News folks other than I might watch Judge Napolitano's FreedomWatch when a guest or issue might interest me but even that show can become a rehash at times. Paint drying could work here too in some cases.

    In the case of Olbermann or anyone else, I have no problem with them giving to poltical campaigns or causes as long as they give full disclosure in similar style to stock analysts on stock shows giving their stock positions when doling out investment advice. Besides, those he supported should have been no surprise at all and only a moron would have even thought otherwise. Someone mention the heads of MSNBC? Now had Olbermann supported Rand Paul, OK, he's got some splaining to do that I have to admit I'd like to hear!

    Personally I don't think Olbermann did anything wrong by me or the viewers and I consider him a damn idiot and all around worthless shrill for the state (not that Maddow and the Fox Drones aren't either) so there you go!

    Would any of this have to do with Olbermann's rating numbers?
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    why is this thread even here ?
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    To attract the most unsavory sort and see, you finally showed up so we can now go home and declare our mission a success!

    HOO-RAY FOR US!!!!!!!
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    My first thought on this is - WHO CARES!

    Good riddance is my further thought ... now if he would take Hannity out that would be double good riddance.
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    I love 2 for 1 Saturday's! Never liked the little puke when he was here on WGST. Way to much of a religious moralist for one thing!
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    Fox fair and balanced on the right, MSNBC the voice of the left,Hannity, Linbaugh,Olberman, all BS artists ( I like Greta). Need to watch the BBC to get the real news LOL
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    Who needs the BbC when we have the voice of Stuart Varney??
  12. Monkey Butt

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    I don't watch the BBC but I do watch PBS news and CNN on occasion ... both are slanted considerably to the left but they are consistent and they don't make things up or lie like Fox and MSNBC.

    I do watch the Sunday morning political shows on occasion ... FOX and Meet The Press - neither one is balanced but they tend to offset one another and often have the same guests talking about the same topics.
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    bottom line, he violated a company policy.......If he were UPS, he would be suspended in the very least.......and termination would be probable, maybe he should contact his union representative ???
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    The real news
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    I couldn't agree more.
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    Here's why--the confirmation by ABC as well as the NY Times analyst in the terminology used to describe MSNBC--specifically, that the purveyors of the term 'Faux News' in reference to the supposed bias of Fox News are guilty of just as much bias as their conservative counterparts. Olbermann has been a mouthpiece for the extreme left for many years, and yet--like the other liberal hypocrites--only sees the bias in others, not acknowledging it in himself. And finally it has caught up to him.

    That said, I suspect this has more to do with his ratings--O'Reilly consistency beats him--than (shock) he gives to liberal democratic politicians. Also perhaps, since he had these politicians on his show, perhaps MSNBC was concerned with violations of the 'Equal Time Rule'.
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    MSNBC is reinstating Olbermann and will be back on the air Tuesday...i guess they could not lose the 10 viewers that were watching his show.
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    Didn't you hear the guy he was replaced with also was caught making donations, so he too was suspended.