Ken Burns Documentary Film On Vietnam


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I was in South East Asia in the early 70's as a student with my family and loved it there. The people , the food , culture. Did not want to come home.

My parents were in the Peace Corps. Father taught mechanics to farmers and my mother taught deaf children. I was the only American ( white person )in their secondary school . Many people there hated us because we were Americans but the people who took the time to know us became lifelong friends.

I lost some friends in this war as probably some of you have. Also have had friends who were damaged not only physically but mentally.

It's amazing to me that some Vietnam Vets went back to Vietnam to meet and embrace their former enemies.

This Ken Burns' documentary is hard to watch but I strongly recommend it. History from both sides.

Please show some class and respect in this thread in honoring the dead and survivors of this war. Thank you.