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Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by wkmac, Oct 24, 2009.

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    Several weeks ago my daughter got a call from Paul Green's School of Rock in need of a timbales player for a cover of Black Magic Woman. She agreed and played the gig. While there we saw this little kid about knee high who could play guitar and we've heard his cover of Van Halen's Eruption will blow you away but during the show we saw him sing Zepplin's Black Dog, Journey's Lights and Aerosmith's Dream On and he was just unreal. His name is Ethan and he's 9 and below is a cover of him doing Dream On. This is from a show the night before and the cover we saw of Dream On the next day was just jaw dropping. And the capture of live sound capture was better than the video and he even did better at hitting the high register vocal parts too. Look at his shirt which is funny but the next day we saw him his shirt said,

    "Dude! Your girlfriend is checking me out!" :happy-very:

    This kid is gonna be a lady killer if nothing else. He did play Eruption but we had to leave because my daughter had another music gig to play at that evening. Here's little Ethan and Dream On!

    Dream On

    And here he is doing Eruption

    Eruption/You Really Got Me
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    Definitely impressive!

    I am trying to convince my son to take up the guitar, if only for the chick factor alone :happy-very:!
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    Talented little devil. Unfortunately guitar player are near the top of my "go ahead,try and date my daughter" death list. Sorry kid.
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    Would you place them before or after "pants halfway down my ass" guy?
  5. cachsux

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    Pants down,backwards hat,uncombed hair,talk like a mumbling illiterate guy, will find his ass stuffed like a scarecrow in my front yard so that I may point out all the negatives with a laser pointer to the next guy who shows up. Plus he`ll have to deal with a gun toting mother,a 6`3" former Navy ships Captain grandfather,and a retired Naval Intelligence officer,with connections that could find his little punk ass in Guantanamo,Grandmother.
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    Wkmn do you have any video of your daughter playing?

    This just goes to show you, Rock and Roll will never die.

    This little kid is great, he's going to have fun too.
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    WOW! He can definately rip it up! I am just in awe of anyone that can play guitar, especially like that. My buddy sings in a band. He is an awesome singer but I also love to watch the guitarist's fingers on the frets. Unreal! I tried to teach myself on my son's electric guitar. It was a program on the computer. I lasted 2 weeks. Trying to get my fingers to stay on one string at a time did me in. Very frustrating!
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    Nothing from the School of Rock show. Maybe someone later will post something and if they do I send it your way if you like.
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