Knee Injuries

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    Hi all, I just wanted to get some feedback. I have been on disability since may of 2011. I have had 3 knee surgeries since then, and can no longer do my job. I was a package car driver for 14 years and have been with UPS for almost 19 years. Anyhoo, in January of 2013 I was cleared to go back to work with restrictions and my local UPS people told my lawyer that they didnt have a job for me so I started vocational rehab. A month or so ago I recieved a letter from UPS corporate wondering what was going on. So I called them and they reviewed my case. In two weeks I have a sit down with them to see if they can accomodate my restrictions. Does this ever actually work? I have heard that once you go vocational rehab that your done, yet I am still on the books 7 months later. The whole situation has been a nightmare, I blame a lot on my doctor because he performed some kind of new experimental surgery on my knee and cost me my way of life. Any feedback would be helpful.