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    Due to a lack of communication I thought that I was supposed to be layed off today and actually wasn't the center called at 8:30 to tell me that start time tommorow was 5 and to ask where I was today, I have no prior attendance problems in fact have never missed a day of work I was wondering if I am in any danger of being in trouble or not. Just wanted your guys opinions.
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  3. cachsux

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    If they say they want to talk discipline tell them you want to talk grievance for missed pay.
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    The worst you could get would be an attendance occurance. You get 4 in a 90 day period before you even get a warning letter.
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    You're not in trouble my friend. They failed to communicate with you. The union will back you up on this one.
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    I would say that if they thougth you were supposed to be at work today and you didn't show up, someone would have called you.... So don't worry about it....
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    I was on the phone with a driver friend of mine thursday night and asked him if he was working today (monday). He said that he had not volunteered (they had a sign up sheet on wednesday). I asked him if he had checked the roster that they had posted. He told me he didn't know about a roster. They never sent us messages to check. Alot of people didn't show for that reason and no one is getting in trouble. Lack of communication is the norm.
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    Our start schedule is about two months old. Check yours.
  9. Cach....Luv ya; luv the wit; luv the snappy comebacks...but won't that change the mood of the discussion? It would with me??:peaceful:
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    It`s something I have had to use every great now and then. It lets them know you`re paying attention. You don`t have to be a stiff dick about it. It often diffuses a situation. "You may have something on me but I have a lot on you. What do you say we just chalk this up as a miscommunication and we`ll both let it go"
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    There's nothing to talk about if he indeed has a good attendance record, nor is there anything to grieve.
    Maybe that's Cach's point in the grievance talk.
    Fight gibberish with gibberish.
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    I would say Bs with Bs,but thank you for your tact.:happy-very:
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    Ignoring you has worked pretty well so far too! :funny:
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    Me-ow. Pretty catty for a mouse.:happy2:
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    "At home. Oh, could you throw me down for a sick day? Thanks". Click.
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    I called in this morning to see what my start time was. They told me my route was cut and gave me the option of how I wanted paid. Mark me for a personal. I checked my cell phone when I woke up again at 9:00 and mmy boss had tried to cal me 3 times. Needless to say it was on silent. He didn't leave a mesage so too bad for him.
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    Once I get a decision,especially in my favor,thats it I`m off the map. Not even Magellan could find my ass.
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    Who let the rat out of his cage?
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    "Stay home but keep your phone close just in case . . . "

    What phone? I have a cell phone? Darn it! It must be around here some where.
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    Mr Coffey set me free but Percy wants to put me back in.