Laid off and a few questions?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by jesus_saves, Jan 20, 2011.

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    Manager let me know I was getting Laid off next tuesday til no idea. I'm a part time worker. I been here for 6 months. This is my second job "Thank God". How does this process work? How long can I get laid off until i'm fired/relieved of my duties with ups. i'm not the lowest on the pole, but the only guy under me is a designated responder. We are already two overstaffed and now we have 3 full time drivers working with us. Thanks in a

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    You wont be fired. You will be out of work untill they need you again whether its a day or a year. Stay in touch w/ them. If I were you I would tell them you want to be a designated responder assuming you want to do so and bump the guy below you otherwise you will be waiting till they need you.
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    I have a morning job and can't take off a week just to do the classes :( I thought about it also. Thanks for the heads up tho. I won't be worried until next year when my family get ups insurance.