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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by mrm30, Jan 3, 2007.

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    Hello, I am a 5 month union employee just got laid off. My supervisor assured me I would get my required Hrs in 07 to keep my benefits, so much for that.. I can no longer get the health insurance at my full time job... Is this a common practice at UPS? I have a wife and kids so going w/o healthcare for any amount of time scares me.. If I knew this would happen I would have enrolled for insurance at my FT job, it just costs 10 times as much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Another question how does a layoff affect my dues payments? I am "on call" for an indefinite period
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    yes, this is EXACTLY what ups does...

    during peak, i kept telling all of the peak hires to not try very hard because they will only get fired after peak. one of them started not liking me and thought that i was lying.

    the day after peak, he came up to me and said "you were right, these people are just a bunch of liars..i hate working here". good thing he still works there, that's one more person that doesn't give a **** about the job, that wont quit.

    they will probley not answer one day when you call, and then later call you and inform you that your fired because you never called. ups management is shady and willing to screw over the most professional employees.

    my advice: dont try hard at ups, steal from them, inform others about their practices, make supervisors lifes hell on earth, have fun
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    Are you a preloader/local sorter?
    If so you should likely have enough "juice" to bump another part timer.
    If you're a seasonal/casual you may be ****ed.
  4. Keepingthemhonest

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    make sure no one with less senority is in a job that you are qualified for (if they are u can bump them) to your union steward and also ask for teammates to keep an eye out for management preforming bargining unit work. If they do write it down and talk to your sup...something along the lines of 'I'm laid off but you are having non unit employees preforming my work wtf is up?' you can get a 3.5 guarantee out of it
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    I'm on the PM sort. I don't mind getting laid off for a while as long as I can get the required number of hours for the benefits. I need several call ins to make it for the 2nd quarter. In October I repeatedly checked with my Sup. to make sure he and I were on the same page as far as my future in 2007 was. He said I had nothing to worry about, he was gonna rotate guys in and out to get everyone they're hours. he said the union would not allow this, so out I go.
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    Call in every day. Drop in and show your face to management. Something screwy with a supervisor that says he is going to work in all the workers so they get the required hours for health benefits. Why would UPS want to pay for benefits for ALL the part timers if they only work the fewest hours possible? Something not right with that.
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    :thumbup1: :lol:
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    Man what is going on here??? At my Hub they're always short of workers in any hub or delievery job.
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    Different areas of the country have different needs. I know some Hubs are hiring NOW. The one I'm helping out of (Commerce City, Colorado) is hiring. Another Colorado hub isn't. I'm assessing my personal situation now and deciding if I apply for a PT job with UPS or part ways. I've parted ways with UPS before for school. Kinda ironic I'm thinking about coming back to UPS BECAUSE of it lol. -Rocky
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    1.)Well you are not seasonal employment if you have worked 5 months and belong to the union.

    2.)Make sure that you are the lowest seniority person to be layed off, otherwise bump someone lower. Check in all job categories of part-time, as you can bump people in other work areas.

    3.)You must be out of work for a minimum amount of time in order to defer dues. Check with your local.

    4.)Good Luck!
  11. scratch

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    It s normal for low seniority people to get laid off a few days after Peak until volume comes back up. You didn't say in your original post if this was temporary or permanent. My Helper I used for Peak got hired two days ago for the Preload. Our volume is back to normal where I am at. We have split cars being put back in.
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    Sure its right. He has trained skilled people he does not want to lose. Thats a smart sup.
  13. RockyRogue

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    When I was an inside employee, I accepted an offer to "take the day off" a few times right after Peak. I'd worked enough hours during Peak, so it was good to get two days in a row off. And no, they didn't pay me my 3.5 guarantee. They offered to release me another nite a few weeks later, they'd messed with me and I refused, unless they were gonna pay me my 3.5. The swing sup balked and walked away.

    The hub my package car was coming out of has started hiring once again. They plan to start two of us on the 28th for the Day Sort. I'm guessing the other Sorts are also re-starting their hiring. -Rocky
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    NOTHING is permanent
  15. Rafterman

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    Nothing is permament.....NOTHING
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    Call you UNION BA... If you have five months in you were hired as a NON SEASONAL BEFORE OCT 1... If they kept ANY seasonal who has not gained seniority... YOU ARE IN and they are OUT!!!
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    If there are too many bargaining unit members on the clock, and you are asked if you want to leave early, DON'T SAY YES. If you volunteer you are not guaranteed your contractual 3-1/2. If they force you, you are guaranteed your 3-1/2. The contract says that if a reduction in workforce is necessary, UPS management is supposed to displace the bargaining unit employees from low seniority to high seniority. If you want to stay, and you have seniority over anybody else, (I've had management pull this **** with me before) DEMAND that management send home any part-timers with lower seniority than you. If they refuse, tell them to get your shop steward. If they refuse to get your shop steward, grab him when you're off the clock. As far as I know, there is an applicable grievance procedure for seniority rule violations, so keep that in mind if management continues this practice.

    Note for guy who is on indefinite layoff: If you can prove a hardship, you may be able to bump out anybody with less seniority than you. When in doubt, contact your business agent's office everyday until you get a hold of him. He or she may be able to get access to the part-time seniority lists and find out if you have higher seniority than anybody and get you back on the job.
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  18. RockyRogue

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    I'd had enough of UPS and wanted the days off. I was a college student, living at home and losing the $100 or so for two days wasn't gonna kill me. That time a few weeks later, my recollection is my sup had screwed with me somehow and I wanted to make his life a little harder. :::shrugs:::. They went down the entire seniority list, sorter by sorter on that side of the primary and EVERY ONE of them refused to go. That swing sup came back and said, "Hey, how about helping a metro for the evening?" I shrugged and long as I got my 3.5. He said I'd get it. I worked close to 5 after helping the outbounds. The outbounds in that building SUCKED at the time...couldn't catch their volume for BEANS!! -Rocky.