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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by SaltsareFunny, Sep 29, 2009.

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    Hey, all just wanted to post and see what some of you guys thought. I have been with UPS for 3 years so far. Our hubs feeder routes where moved to another hub in the next city. The 12 feeder drivers were not allowed to follow their work to the other hub. So these feeder driver went to package cars and bumped 15 driver into the hub. I was number 15 in seniority to loose my job. There is a hearing Wednesday. The union is working to get the crap fixed. I dont know why UPS is being allowed to not honor the contract. Anyway, I want my job back finding a job know is not easy!! So what is the unions track record on these type things? Any chance I will get back to work?
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    no one??
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    uhhh I don't think anyone wants to give you bad news. Chances are the feeder drivers will bump back into package and bump you out. This issue will probably not be resolved for quite a while - which is why the company does these types of things. Act now pay later (if necessary)
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    This will be a very sticky one for a panel to work out, chances are one or both sides will postpone this for a couple of months while they try to get their facts strait, I personally have no dealings with feeder so am not up to speed on the language pertaining to them. Who filled the new runs in the other center??
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    Article 38 Change of Operations.

    Feeder drivers will have the right to follow their work and their seniority will be dovetailed at their new location. If they can't agree at the local level then the Regional Change of Operations Committee, then the National Chanog of Operations Committee, then a panel hearing. Yes, a few months sounds about right.

    You should file for unemployment and try to find another job for now. Make sure you contact your local union and tell them you want to file a grievance. Don't take their word for it"being taken care of". Protect yourself, go to your union hall and ask to file it, and make sure you get a copy of it. Quote Article 38 and all relevant articles. Settlement desired will be, all lost wages and benefits, and to be made whole in every way. Good luck.
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    This is just another example of UPS's blatant violations. Over the past year they have been testing the Teamsters and I hate to say it but they've been winning. Just look at the results of the panels. The union better step up quick before this gets out of control. Oh already is.
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    And if you are a union member (I don't know if you're in a 'right-to-work' state), get a withdrawal card from the union. Basically it notifies the union you're not working and therefore won't be responsible for dues while laid off.
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    Could it be, I don't know, just asking, that maybe the feeder drivers just elected NOT to move with their job? As Happy quoted, if their jobs went to another center or hub, they have a right to follow it. Find out if they REALLY got forced to bump into package where you are. The reason I say this is because I've seen it. "They forced me to bump". Well, not really. You had a chance to move but didn't take it.

    Anyway, on a side note, if you are a qualified senior F/T person, you have a right to bump two P/Ters in the hub to make up your eight hours. You wanna do that? Temporarily?
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    O.P. (SaltsareFunny) is a P/T laid off because of the feeder drvrs 'not following the work'... displacing pkg... bumping two P/T.
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    Copy. Didn't read it closely enuff. Just got off the road drunk again when I posted that.
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    Well I am getting my job back I was told in about a week. Don't know if I believe them. There sending 8 feeder drivers to follow their routes and some of the drivers a going back to package cars but not all.
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    Congrats to you if it works out. Any word on back pay or hours credited for benefits purposes?
    If my math is right, does that leave 7 pkg drvrs bumped back into the building?
    It sounds like some of your P/T coworkers are still laid off. How long will they have recall rights?
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    You know what, hondo, I think I hate you! Why? Because you think like I do! That's scary!
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    Still waiting to go back. I just wonder what is taking so long? After the hearing why didn't I start back the nex day? How long does it take to get the drivers back driving? I call my pt sups and I get a different answer everythime
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    willing to bet that ups says that they didn't move any jobs to any other building, and blame the cuts on the economy.
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    Good reason, :wink2:.