Landed me another bogus working termination this week...

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    To make a long and boring story short... in peak of 2011 I received a working termination for "un professional behavior" because a customer called in a complaint that my helper and I were 'fighting' in her front yard when actually we were just goofing off(it was Christmas Eve and we had a long day), my helper and I had no problems, never was disciplined before for customer concerns, but it got shot down at local panel, went to regional panel and got deadlocked... went to arbitration and only missed 3 days of work(while at regional panel).
    Covered a guys route last week, 1st time I was on that route in almost 3 years so I was running a little behind, tried to deliver their airs and grounds together(orion) and was held up by the receiver stating "they couldnt sign for 'this' box" and had to call a manager... took 4mins for manager to show up and I told the manager that their receiver refused to sign for the pack and Im going to have late airs because of the hold up....the manager called in stating I was rude and my center manager issued me a WT for the incident.
    Heres the kicker...I was never disciplined for the last WT other than a warning letter, it all got center manager states that since I was on workman's comp for 9 months sep2012-mar2013, and Im a TDU(i dont drive everyday) that I am still in the 9 month window for discipline. My LAST concern was from dec24th 2011, thats 18 months ago, but didnt get dropped and settled till like april2012. I get harassed daily on the regular anyways... I called my BA and tried to inform them(my stewards are clueless) but got the "Ill get with you later, we are at a regional panel now". Im the black sheep of my center... I have a shave waiver, I was on workmans comp for an injury mgmt thoughtI was faking, I know 22 routes so Im constantly getting bumped around, Ive filed a half dozen harassment grievances and now my involvement with Vote No is getting a bigger target on my back. Will the WT get thrown out at local via "out of the 9 month window". My center manager seems to believe its 9 working months(180 working days) since dec2011 Ive only DRIVEN 165 days and worked in the hub like 40 days.
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    Gotta love the double standards. I've seen center manager & on cars complain to consumers all the time -- especially in malls -- that their slowness is costing UPS lots of money. Several retail managers with leverage to pick their own carrier were so upset they bolted -- most notably Earthbound Trading Company, which use to ship 300-400 heavy packages every Tuesday, but now uses a local freight company for deliveries. And they UPS managers? They get promoted.

    ​Good luck to you.
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    It's harrassment and BS,don't sweat it.
    I would suggest in the future being very professional with the customer. There is no need to tell them about YOUR problems with NDA and commits A) they dont care B) make them mad and they will always hold you up in the future because to them it is funny .
    Make the customer happy,THEN call the center and put it their lap
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    What :censored2: my center manager off was that I got to use the fun line "I was just obeying Orion" I in turn did not have late airs that day, I got my last air off at 10:28... center manager argued I shouldnt tell customers(minimum wage idiots) that Im going to have service failures at their fault. I told the center manager in our warm cozy morning meeting that if they think the receiver at the business I was at can do a better job than me Id gladly jump off a bridge and let them have my job. I didnt even get a "good job for not having late airs"(not that i expected it. Hilarious how a complaint from a pilled out, bi-polar, un-employed piece of trash can call in a bogus concern and cause us so much grief!!! PS: the human resources person at this business called in the concern she was neither the receiver or the manager that signed for the delivery, how can someone who has zero interaction with the incident call in a concern? Really..... by all means you have my permission to harass me... but come on mgmt... be more creative.
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    Good advice, but maybe he's working as directed? When I pulled a seasonal mall route, the good folks at the Disney Store -- at the time, a time commitment stop, although I believe they're now a FedEx Ground consumer -- would take about 15 minutes to open their doors. I tried working with them -- asking them what time they wanted their stuff, giving them a heads up 15 minutes before I was set to arrive, etc. but to no avail. My center manager would go ballistic on me (as well as the regular drivers), telling me to force their stuff on them, telling me to tell them they HAD to accept their deliveries by X:XX, telling me to tell them they HAD to open their door within 3 minutes, etc. or we'd refuse the stop. Gee, what would happen to me if I sheeted 250 packages as refused?
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    I sheeted 50 as refused and it didn't go well!!
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    The company above mentioned is kind of like Wal Mart... yet way more pathetic, instead of Walls, they sale Ks.... and the item the receiver couldn't sign for was "precious jewelry" lmao!!!! I hardly consider jewelry at a mart that sales Ks as precious.
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    I agree with everything you are saying,some consignees are simply a HUGE PITA no matter what you do to make them happy. I was just reflecting on my mistakes and past bad judgement calls.
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    I went off on disability for a year and all of my absences occassions and write ups fell off by the time I got back to work. Not sure if it has to be 9 working months...but it shouldn't be. I'm sorry your local is weak and has not been helping you out.
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    I always thought Southern Comfort was really smooth. I guess I was wrong.
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    I consider myself the fun-loving mischievous cousin to Amaretto.... except I burn a little while going down your throat like a bad case of the clap.
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    I'm sure the Teamsters will not hold that against you.
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    Same thing here. Our Store of K's is just as bad. "I have to scan everything you take off the truck before signing, then I have to count it, and THEN after all that I will call the manager back, and you have to wait for them."

    Always the last air stop, IF they have airs.

    I've delivered to them, and had all the packages with crosses on them, because the day before, the manager just never showed up... at all. Didn't bother. So no packages, they came back the next day.

    When I had my safety ride the other day, one stop made me wait almost 5 minutes to get a signature. The sup just stood there, and said "What... why? How do you stand waiting there? I'd go insane waiting that long." "I just think of allll the money I'm making." He didn't give me a nice look.