large As for possible acquisitions, Davis said that UPS is in a position to do an "ex

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  1. Coldworld

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    any ideas. The key word is very large. Hmmm, tie any "insider" info you would like to share. Exel or tnt would be my first choice. Exel was the hot topic a few months back but I dont think any company purchased them.
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    Re: large As for possible acquisitions, Davis said that UPS is in a position to do an

    Cold-I may be mistaken but I'm pretty sure DHL purchased Excel.
  3. tieguy

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    No insider info. TNT is a popular rumor outside of UPS. Looks like we alluded to a possible major purchase during the earnings presentation. Personally I would like to see us diversify into some other arena.

    I think a TNT purchase would drive the stock up another 10 bucks a share.
  4. dannyboy

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    Like what tie, insurance, no we done that. Finance, nope there too already. Maybe buy out a bunch of doctor's groups? Hey now there is an idea.

    If the average person knew just how much UPS is into, it would be scary.

  5. moreluck

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    Diversify?? Hmmmmm....I know, let's buy Starbucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:wink:
  6. moreluck

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    There was this blurb from Thursday.....

    UPS seen as potential buyer for Netherlands' TNT

    By Andrew Ward in Atlanta
    Thursday, April 20, 2006
    Posted: 12:05 PM EDT (17:05 London)

    UPS, the world's largest package delivery company, is in a position to make an "extremely large" acquisition if it finds a deal that makes strategic sense, said Scott Davis, chief financial officer.
    The comments revived long-standing speculation that UPS could bid for TNT, the Dutch post group, which has large package delivery operations in Europe and Asia.
    UPS is considered a potential buyer of TNT's logistics division, which the group plans to auction this year, but some analysts believe the parcel business could also be sold.
  7. Coldworld

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    so, which company is larger in total size, exel or tnt? Each company has over 100, 000 people, does ups really want to add that muck manpower onto the payroll? They both make about 1/3 the profits of fedex....boy what a boost that would give us in the intl market/logistics.
  8. tieguy

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    I personally would prefer dunkin donuts :thumbup1:
  9. 30andout

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    I think it would be nice if they bought out their share in Central States then maybe I could retire someday.:lol: :lol: :lol:
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    This may be a dumb question, but I'll ask it anyway. If UPS was so worried about the competition, why didn't they buy RPS before fedex did? Were they so overconfident that they had control over the ground market? Would there have been anti-trust issues in the purchase? Why didn't they purchase airborne before DHL? Do they view these aqusitions as very little profitabilty potential?
  11. I was told that they did look at buying Airborne before DHL bought them. However since the only thing of value for UPS would have been the name they decided against it.
  12. wkmac

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    Just a guess on my part but anti-trust and other business regulations could have posed a barrier in those attempts by UPS. Also give FedEx credit as RPS was almost a non-issue for us but at the same time take the 97' strike out of the UPS history pages and I'm not sure FedEx buys RPS and RPS may not be around today. That strike at least IMO changed all the dynamics but I also have to wonder would UPS have changed towards what it hopes to become. We've only done many of the things we've done as an after effect of the strike so remove the strike and I can't clearly say we would have done many of the things we have because I believe all the varibles would be different. JMO.

    BTW: It wasn't a dumb question at all and a good one to ask every so often as we look around the business landscape.

    Funny thought from thinking back to the old Motley Fool days as during the period that the stock was about to go public and the company leadership was explaining a public stock could be used as currency for acquistions and expansions and a few "FOOLISH" souls extolled UPS would buy Microsoft. Could you imagine Bill Gates in a Brown Suit doing a PCM and then a driver ride?

    I got a kick out of the "buy Central States out" idea. That was funny!
  13. CAIADO

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    Exel belongs already to DHL my vote goes to TNT:cool:
  14. upsdawg

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    Dumb question..............maybe.....we had almost purchased DHL back in the 80's--but decided not to......we started buying planes from the Airlines that were going under---Braniff----and leasing them to Delta and than started our own Int'l service!. I would think that with so many airlines in financial difficulty today , we would buy some more planes and lease them back to Delta--Northwest---whomever.I would think that could be somethig we could do----and dual utilize the planes for our lift.

    I was stopped at a Railroad Crossing last week and watching all of the Cargo containers pass by--must have been 200---all with Conex(?), or something like that---and was thinking that UPS should buy a large freight forwarding company or railroad?? It needs to be something that compliments what we are currently doing----wouldn't and didn't make sense to buy RPS (Caliber Systems) and some of our purchases are definitely well planned and strategic------whay didn't we purchase Yellow instead of Overnite?? I think because we were positioning Yellow to be aquiredf by DHL somewhere down the road and have them worry about migrating a large Union Trucking Company into their non-union infastructure. Don't know too much about TNT---except that they are very well known outside of the US.
  15. FEGuy

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    "and was thinking that UPS should buy a large freight forwarding company or railroad?? It needs to be something that compliments what we are currently doing----"

    Well, UPS has already done that--Does Menlo ring a bell?
  16. dannyboy

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    RPS was a duplication of current services and territory, and was on the brink with no real value before the strike.

    DHL would try and buy us. Airborne had little value to add to our portfolio in this country, and very little elsewhere.

    Look for where ever we buy to make us money.

  17. upsdawg

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    D-Boy------absolutely correct--whatever we do, it should produce a new revenue stream, or compliment our current services----and make us some money!!.

    FEGuy----I have heard of Menlo----have you heard of Fritz...I think that they used to do a lot of Brokerage work for.......FedEX!!

    I would think with the amount of cash on hand that UPS has---I think last I heard it was $5 billion in reserves combined with some stock trading, UPS would be in a position to aquire something substantial, as per an interview with someone on the UPS Board of Directors----which almost sounded like a "Preview of coming attractions"------maybe it is Fed Ex?? The old joke about UPS buying FedEx---what would we call the new company---FedUP----I think I have a better name for the new company-------UPS!!!!