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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by chevydog66, Sep 22, 2003.

  1. chevydog66

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    Have any of your centers had their start time changed to a later time? We used to start at 8:05am in the summer. Now it's 8:45am. Lots of drivers are having a hard time getting all the airs off. Management doesn't seem to care. They think they are saving money and making us work harder. ha ha!!
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    Thats exactly what they are doing Chevydog. I am sure that alot of the crew are still coming in at the same time also. It makes their sph go alot higher and the paid day is alot lower.Lets face it, managment aint that stupid as we think. If the guys are starting 30 plus minutes later and they are still getting in at around the same time, I would do the same thing in a managerial position.
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    It has more to do with increased volume in my building. 6 years ago average daily volume was 35k, and start time was 8AM. Average daily volume now is around 60k, start time has moved to 830AM, and we are lucky to get on the road before 9AM. The system is only designed to process a certain amount of packages per hour.
  4. toonertoo

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    Been 9am here forever, and occasionally someone tries 910. You deliver nothing but pure air until 1030, customers dont understand why you cant give them their stuff all at the same time, and it increases the day dramatically when you dont start a route til 1030am.
  5. dannyboy

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    THey used to be able to get us out the door at 8;15 to 8:20, start time is now 8:50, but days like today you dont leave till 9:25 or later.

    And I dont understand, If the volume is really down, and the preload is not loading more packages, then why in the H#[email protected] cant they get us out on time? And If they are loading more, why not start them sooner? THe loads get here, and if not, why. OF course that might step on some cushy managers job to figure out how to get loads here on time.

  6. fups

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    same crap here.... can't start the pre-load any earlier, trucks don't get here in time...and nothing sucks more than getting out of the building at 915 and getting to your first stop by when?? and how many airs do i have today? and have to "try" and explain to the customers why i can't give them the rest of the packages (most of the time i can't walk thru the car) Then they wanna know why airs come up late or why i came back in late and did plan what they wanted me to....i swear ... some sups think they are gods!!! wELL get your asses out there and do some work is what i say.....AHHHH ok... didn't think so
  7. toonertoo

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    It gets worse getting into peak, also. They know the volume is up, but til they get spanked and we dont get out of the trailers til 930, they dont change preload start time. And then they send the loaders home and you have no clue as to what is on your truck, and they end up paying us to load our own trucks which is OT. I have anywhere from 1 to 5 businesses that chase me down on the route, or catch me at an air stop to get their delivery, when it is air it helps when it is ground what do I do, say "no you cant have it Until after 1030?" Not a very good way to keep our customers happy to refuse them delivery, but if you have a late air with ground coming off first, guess what........[​IMG], you are in the wrong.......
  8. chevydog66

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    I guess we have to tell the customers to call and complain!! I usually give them the # for my center along with my sups name. Because management sure as hell doesn't listen to us. I thought it was all about making the customer happy. ha.
  9. sweatyguy

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    You can send a message about this on the ERI when you take it...let them know that you dont believe what you are being told on a day to day basis and in the comments section at the end of the ERI you can let them know that can do personnel used to run the show but it has been replaced by a bunch of little boys pretending to be "running" the business...more like "running into the ground." Jeesh...sorry but just a pet peeve... I get tired of hearing, "You used to be able to get it done," from supervision. I have to then explain to them that I used to arrive on area earlier than I currently leave the building. Or I suppose I could just tell them that the previous manager "used to be able to get it done, but its okay, I understand that not all of us can be aggressive can-do go getters. But unlike him you never seem to forget when its my birthday. Who cares if you can't do the job. At least you always recognize when I'm having a birthday, and thats what is important around here." [​IMG]
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    Section 1.
    The parties agree that the principle of a fair day's work for a fair day's pay shall be observed at all times and employees shall perform their duties in a manner that best represents the
    Employer's interest. The Employer shall not in any way intimidate, harass, coerce or overly supervise any employee in the performance
    of his or her duties. The Employer will treat employees with dignity and respect at all times, which shall include, but not be limited to, giving due consideration to the age and physical
    condition of the employee. Employees will also treat each other as well as the Employer with dignity and respect.
    No employee shall be disciplined for exceeding personal time based on data received from the DIAD/IVIS or other information technology.

    Enough said?
    doesnt matter what time they ask u to report for work: ARTICLE 17. PAID-FOR TIME
    All employees covered by this Agreement shall be paid for all time spent in service of the Employer. Time shall be computed from the time
    that the employee is ordered to report for work and registers in and until the employee is effectively released from duty.

    Do your job, work by the methods prescribed by mangement, have no late NDA through your own fault, deliver as prescibed by management.Whats the problem? }