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  1. josam219

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    Hello! Package car driver almost 7 yrs.. laid off this week.. should be going in and talking someone into going home( i know 20 rtes) not real motivated today. stumbled on to this site looking for cheap brown socks. got a good idea, cut off the ones I have and wear white ankle ones, brilliant idea:)) Glad to have found this site. I am one out of three women drivers in my center. It will be nice to hear different opinions outside my center. Nothing but a bunch of negative whiners where I'm from, but then again UPS breeds negativity doesn't it?:angry-very2:
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    Welcome to BrownCafe, Josam! You'll hear some negativity here too, but a lot more positive.

    "girl with the man hands". Sorry to hear about that, but did you see the Seinfeld episode?!?!?!
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    Welcome! 7yrs seniority and they're laying you off? That's kinda scary. Have they not hired many people after you, or are they really laying that many people off where you are? And yes, one of the ironies of working at UPS is how they create strong bonds among the employees through our need to complain constantly about the company and managment.

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    I took the day off today so that my cover driver could work. Most of the senior drivers here are really good about taking a day here or there to help out the cover drivers. Our center manager has no problem with senior drivers taking a day, whether it be a personal/sick day or VLO, to help out the cover drivers. A couple of the cover drivers have learned to come in to work each morning, dressed and ready to go, hoping that one of the senior drivers will decide they want to go home but knowing that there is no guarantee that they will work just because they come in.
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    Hi josam219 and welcome to the Brown Cafe! You will get a vast array of opinions here both negative and positive. This is a good place to vent.

    Look forward to your contributions and good luck getting some more hours!:peaceful:
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    Hello, josam. Caution: Brown Cafe is VERY addicting. Look forward to your posts.:peaceful:
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    I am a layed off driver and our center manager wont let anyone take days off so the younger guys can fish. Haven't drove in 3 months. 15 of us haven't. Not planned to drive until November, back layed off by march.
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    EXDHL driver here , I haven't worked since Jan. I feel your pain!
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    Why would you need socks if you're laid off? I smell a troll!

    Naaah, just kidding. Just thought I'd say it before someone else beat me to it. Welcome to BC. Times are tough in Michigan if they're laying off 7 year drivers. Hope you all get back to work soon.:peaceful: