Layoffs Of Art 22.3 Jobs

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    In My Hub (spokane Washington ) Many Art 22.3 Jobs Have Been Created Approx. 30 . Fri 9 Of Them From The middle Of The Art 22.3 List Received Layoff Letters. They Are All Combo's With Air Driving . They Are Being Directed By Management To Bump The Remaining List Below Them Or Go Back Parttime. All Hell Is Breaking Loose Here. Some Of These Jobs Are 7.5 Years Old .no Warning Was Given. OUR REP IS PITIFUL AND OUR WHOLE LIST IS SHAKEN.
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    no lay off over here, but i heard the job won't be offered again once the current guys retires.
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    Wow - what happened? Jobs 7.5 years old and layoff letters? Is there more to the story?
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    There has to be more to this story. You have the right as a fulltimer to bump into 2 parttime positions until the layoff is over.
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    I'm not looking at the contract but I was thinking it was worded as permanent jobs. Where am I not understanding?
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    Wouldn't mind knowing more about this. I am an air combo driver in my hub and I haven't recieved a layoff letter. Although your hub is a long way from me.

    As far as the combo workers are concerned I believe they have a right to bump 2 of the lowest seniority parttimers in order to get their eight hours in.
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    Correct! down here it's after 1 day lay off, then you can bump.
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    so far this is how it's going management wants the 9 affected employees to either bump the remaining list of 22.3 or go back parttime themselves. they are telling them that the then bumped fulltimers will collect unemployment for half their 8 hours. this seems very wrong to me (like a lie)but no one is really listening. management is also offering the bottom of the list ala carte pick any of them you want not by order of last job filled. i can't see how we can stand for this there is no loss of volume . we are actually hiring for each sort here. we need 12 people for night sort alone.each job is an individual bid we will lose . i could understand a change of operations and a reconfiguration .we've had that on some jobs due to technology but this is just a job give back and it takes all security out of our jobs .
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    Also, Our Union Rep. And Our Best Shop Steward Are At Panel. They Plan On Discussing This Issue With The Other Union Buisness Agents. I Will Keep You Posted As I Know More. We're Hoping To Hold Them Up For 45 Days As The Contract States For A Change Of Operations.
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    It is also happening just across the state line in CDA.
    Getting rid of the combo jobs and making you drop back to a part time job.
    The old contract did require UPS to combine some part time jobs to make full time opening. Did they meet there quote?
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    I didn't think going back to Part-Time was possible. Once you're Full Time thats it. UPS has to gaurantee you 8 hours or find you 8 hours of some kind of work. IF you do get laid off contact your State Employment office and they can let you know how much $$ you will collect for unemployment. But UPS has to bring you back to work before taking any other employee full time.
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    Go back to part time now thats a great idea. at least i will be able to retire with a pension from UPS its in the contract .The last 7 yrs i work full time i might be able to collect my 30 yrs i have 23 yrs in so maybe they will count it as 30 yrs thats wonderful news they have no age limit as far as i see it in the contact with parttime employees ... my prayers are answered....
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    Hello I'm one of the 22.3 combo daysort/afternoon air drivers that has been forced to bump my fellow workers back to part-time. I've been with UPS for almost 20 yrs now, and been a 22.3 combo worker for over 7 yrs. This all started with management not being able to get daily driving work done with the allowed routes from Seattle, or so we were always told. All of the created Air combo routes we were told counted as a regular route.. so if Seattle told management in Spokane you have this much projected volume for the day .. you are allowed this many routes to get it done with.. and if you go over .. even by one.. you can expect to be in the hot seat with a conference call from some big shot from Seattle the next day..So management started offering the air drivers the afternoon off .. "i.e" code 5 and go home with half a days pay..And they would have a full time driver do our air pick-up route and shuttle to the airport, thus staying within their allowed routes for the days volume. At first this didn't seem to be that big of a deal.. there are 3 drivers in the center that I work for that were combo drivers including me. After this went on for a while some of us started worrying that they might try to get rid of our jobs if they didn't need us everyday.. which seemed as if they didn't. It wasn't too long before they had regular drivers picking up all the on call air and doing our air routes. I talked to my local here and some union reps from 174 in Seattle. I was told not to worry about it, to go where they told me to go and do what they told me to do..which a lot of times was stock letter boxes, pick up bulk stops without a diad, and have the driver stop complete it, I didn't care I was getting full drivers wage for handling ground, but wasn't shown as a route, as long as I was getting my guaranteed 8 hours no problem.. and if they ever tried to get rid of my position they would have to give me another 8 hours with the same bid time as I currently had 9am-6pm. Our sort is set up to where there really is no afternoon work past 2pm besides driving or air driving.. so not to worry because they would have nothing else to offer me. Well as you can tell from the first post this is now not the case. All of us PM and some early AM drivers were given a one line letter form UPS on the 18th of May, It said "As of May 21st consider your self laid off" Sincerly, managements name...Then they gave us a list of the bottom 7 people that had recently bid a 22.3 job and we were instructed to write our names next to the person we would bump back to part time. We did this under protest, and with threat to our job (they said if we did not pick a job we would go back to part time with bottom seniority biding rights for passing up a offered full time position) This may sound like its made up . .reading it I never EVER thought the company Could or would try something like this.. but this is the God Honest Truth in Spokane.:crying: ..
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    This just shows how slick UPS management can be. It's happening all over the place. The company was required to create a certain amount of combo jobs per the current contract and the one before so UPS created a bunch without ever intending to keep them as permanent jobs. That's what I think was their plan. They wanted to satisfy the quota, wait a few years, then dump as many as they can. Part of the blame should go to the current combo workers for always taking a "code5" instead of working their 8 hours. Thanks guys!
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