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    Sen Rockefeller: Union-Backed FedEx Bill Won't Pass

    It's time to get involved again my fellow Teamster brothers and Sisters. Everyone send an E-mail to Mr. Rockefeller stating your opinion on this matter, maybe we can get some action. He stated he believes in the legislation with the Fed-Ex language in it, but fears a fillibuster. Lets give him the motivation to give it a shot!!!

    Here is the link to E-Mail Senator Jim Rockefeller:
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    Everyone here should take a minute and leave a comment for Sen. Rockefeller, takes a minute and may make a difference if enough people do it.
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    Great idea, thanks for suggesting it. :wink2:
  4. Highwayman

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    Done! Thanks for the link.:happy2:
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    I gave!
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    Done..From a former UPSer!
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    Campaign contributions might get more action. Very, very large campaign contributions.
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    Oh wait. Save your money. UPS Inc. already tried that.:wink2:
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    Sent my two cents.

    bbsam It's free
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    I think congress could pass a law requiring fdx be union and the teamsters would still screw up the organizing. :happy-very:

    fdx employees should be the ones screaming for this legislation and that does not appear to be happening.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Mission accomplished. Rockefeller...what a great name when making dinner reservations.
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    Great name in AA history as well. Just a little mindless trivia.
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    I wrote my senator AGAIN telling him that I would like his support for a level playing field. I certainly expect that he would not filibuster the creation of a level playing field.
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    Most of them don't pay attention to what the people want....they just go with what they think is best for us........we are incorrigible little children who don't know anything!
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    Had a buddy once in AA, seems he told me 90% of the men there were named Sam and 30% of the women. Wonder what's up with that?
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    Never heard that before, but then again nothing would surprise me.
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    I do not like them, Sam I am !