Life before brown

First job @ 13--- Car hop @ a drive in restaurant, 17--lawn equipment mechanic, Grocery warehouse order puller, built fences, full service gas station attendant, drove a grease hauler to feed lots,parts chaser in a body shop, windshield installer, new car make ready for two chevy dealerships and a dodge dealer, auto line mechanic, fleet mechanic, (even applied for and turned down offer to to become a UPS mechanic, I wouldn't work nights. The guy that got the job is now retired), vending machine mechanic and maintenance supervisor, Asst.Manager for vending company, went part time as a fuel and oil clerk @UPS while taking electronics at a community college, started driving @ 38 to pay off some bills....still here. One year I had 8 W-2 forms for tax return. lol


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Worked on my dad's pig farm from 8 to 18; went to school 200 miles away and got on UPS preload at 19 while in school. Got offered driving job at UPS at 21 but turned it down because I only had 1 semester left to graduate. 2 months after graduation I started driving (still at 21) and been doing it ever since. I always wondered if it was better to start young and the closer I get, I think it is. To be 42 and 8 years away from a pension is just a great feeling.


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paperboy - 4th grade.
paperboy and work at mink ranch shoveling mink poo - 5th & 6th grade.
work with Dad at his typewriter shop (way before computers) - next 6 yrs.
work at machine shop in Rockford, Ill. -18 months.
drafted into Army Mar 68 - Feb 70.
college -smoke a little wacky weed-drinking excesively ---1 year---I had a little catching up on my youth to do. Fun while it lasted:wink2:
UPS Feb. 71 to June 2001.
Screw off - rest of life:peaceful: ----

It should read Screw off-rest of life:peaceful: PRICELESS:surprised:


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Before moving to Fla. and turning brown, I wroked 8 yrs in a factory in NJ driving a fork lift on the 4 to 12 shift. I didn't do much after the bosses left at 5. The factory ended up closing and we headed to the sunshine state.


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At 16 I cut the grass at a christmas tree farm. The grass was 3 feet tall the trees were 14 inches tall.

At 17 i worked at a glass shop, cutting glass, fixing windows, going out on jobs.

At 19 started at ups and going to school.

At 22 still working at ups and pt job at night.

At 24 still working at ups and a ft job at a freight co., and another pt job on the weekends.

At 26 went driving and am currently working half the hours I did when I was 24.


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Waitress in HS - horrible
Carhop in HS - too many cruisers and rowdies. Mom made me quit, darnit
Drug store, loved it

Grocery store, more drug store, fruit stand, more waitress, more waitress and hated that worse as it went on.

Trim in mobile office factory. Hated it - those people are rough and would always steal my air hose when I was off cutting trim. They laid me off rather than fire me because the knew I was trying and wanted me to be able to get unemployment.

Head cashier in grocery store - no tolerance and made one gal so mad she threw her cash drawer on the floor. I got fired, not her.

Rolled out fabric for Flexsteel sofas and chairs. Damned near cut my finger off also pissed someone off so bad she greased the pole I had to lift to roll fabric. Quit in disgust.

Light assembly in medical gauge factory, boring so I moved over to machine shop and liked it. Turning and brazing parts.

Sanded fancy cup holders for vans are Rvs. Pretty nasty work, sawdust stuck all over me in the hot summer.

Temporary in a car parts factory. I liked running the machines, making threads and so forth. Didn't like the punch presses. Finally realized I wasn't going to be hired on as a regular employee so got out of that.

CNC machinist. I enjoyed most of it, somewhat boring at times but was learning to program. Stupid to quit because I'd be making huge $$ now as a programmer. However, I enjoy my fingers and want to keep them. Solvents and coolant stink.

Secondary machine set-up and screw machine operator. Those screw machines are mean little buggers. Sucked at secondary set-up - fired.

UPS, AM preload. Got a second job as Red Cross emergency services assistant. Interesting but not cut out for office work.

Stupid enough to take another office job and bailed after a year.

Goodwill clerk, OMG, what a stinking place that was. People peed and pooped in the dressing rooms - I refused to clean it up. Finally a customer complained to boss because I got cut in front of her cart while hanging out clothes. Boss got on me for it, well for mouthing off to the customer. Went to lunch and never returned.

Still at UPS and it seems to suit me well. Make more $ part time than many full time jobs. Good benefits, I can yell when I want and get a good workout. Crazy enough to fit right in. Have a reputation as a mean old bitty which keeps the creeps away. Very few know how soft-hearted and thin skinned I really am. :happy2:


Waitress during highschool
Bartended while in college
Line tech then QC tech for Powder Coat Technologies (Herman Miller subsidiary)
Went back to college and managed a nightclub.
Purchasing agent @ GM (contracted through Grainger Integrated Supply)
Laid off..Back for more college
Preload for ups by student by day..
Single mom 24/7 for the last 13 years.


Can you imagine how upset most of us would be if the OMS gave our personal cell phone numbers out to a customer, whether irate or not, without our consent?
Our OMS decide it was ok to give my number out. Fortunately it was to another driver. Unfortunately for her, I called her. I don't care if the other drivers have my number, but she is now VERY clear on my position about giving my phone number out to anyone. I doubt very seriously she will do that again.:bigsmile2:
Our OMSes know well NOT to give my number out to anyone without my prior approval. They also know that is NOT OK to call me on my cell phone for company business.


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Before Brown I had a pt job as a busboy at a local restaurant while I was in high school. Start 2 months after I graduated. Had some side jobs while I was on Preload. I changed tires at a local garage over one summer. Worked PT at a movie rental store. and sold Football cards to dealers at card shows so they could go ahead and turn them around for profit in their own pocket.


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Do jobs you held during high school count? I began working for UPS 2 weeks after my high school graduation and have been herr ever since. Before that I did the normal job you would expect a teenager to do. I worked at a local go-kart track, a united artist movie theater, and an office depot as a stocker.


Mcd Suping
Sears- clothes folder- then mattress sales
Ups Package handler-then Suping
Car salesman

ahh so many memories in 6 yrs of working


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Babysit younger brothers & sister, Paperboy(morning & afternoon editions), Pinboy at duckpin bowling alley(no automatic machines in the 60's for duckpins), McDonalds, Summer Scout camp counselor, Borough road crew(summer), Warehouseman & delivery driver, College student, Stock boy at Murphy's Mart, UPS midnight hub & on to full time!


I started out at a store that my father ran, then to a grocery store all during HS, then to a driving job with Leaseway Transportation, then to Army, to Red star Express and military, now military and UPS and a farm.