Life before brown


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Waitress, bartender, home aide helper, car detailer, auto repo (now that was exciting), auction driver, college student, single Mom, baby furniture assembler, MFG fiberglass plant, ceramic studio, barn hand, preload, clerk, car washer, reload, pt sup, driver. I liked ceramics,for the art aspect, and waitressing for the human aspect, and bartending for the sheer fun. Then I had to get a real job.


And...That's rite!
Started at UPS fresh out of highschool 2 years ago. The only job I had before it was at a fast food place after schoo.

Still wish I was as smart as you. After high school went 6 yrs. USMC, 5 yrs. state corrections, got a little wiser; 5yrs as bio-med engineer, finally made it to UPS and don't plan on giving it up.