Linking bags?

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    I'm unsure of what model of scanner we have at our local UPS branch (Obetz, OH), but when a bag is missing a label, how do you link the packages inside to a bag to scan them? I know I was trained how to do it, but I've been in the primary for awhile and have forgotten how to do it completely. It's kind of embarrassing to ask one of the other guys...hoping someone on here could help...thanks in advance.
  2. UPSGUY72

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    Why don't you just say, " hey how do you do that again I haven't had to do it in so long I'm not sure how to do it anymore." There is nothing to be embarrassed about people ask question like that all the time.

    Asking someone on here isn't going to get you the anwser you want as procedures and equipment differ building to building.
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    Just ask no one will think anything of it. Much easier than the 30 differnt answers you will get on here.
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    Ask your manager. He knows everything!
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    More like thinks he knows everything.