Listen UP 396, we're screwed!

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    Brothers and Sisters of local 396, you better listen up and read the Southwest package rider. There is a key component given up by our current Officers that affects us all. This language was agreed too over 5 contracts ago, long before these Officers took office.

    In our current contract, on page 85, we have had the benefit of EXCLUSIVE language to local 396. This language provided protections covering "Settlement of controversies". It was an addendum to the Rider that gave us superior protections that superceded the WEST and the National agreement. These protections have protected thousands of employees for many years from an agressive company bent on disciplining or discharging employees.

    The addendum read as follows:

    Addendum #2

    Applicable to Teamster Local Union 396

    Memorandums of agreement between Teamsters Local Union No 396
    and United Parcel Service

    (Section 3- Settlement of Controversies)

    Both parties further recognize and agree that industrial peace is to be desired at all times in the area covered by this Rider, and to that end it is agreed. Should a controversy, dispute or disagreement arise during the period of this Rider, there shall be no cessation or stoppage of work authorized by the Union, and the Union will do its utmost to see that work is continued in a normal and orderly way and said controversy, dispute or disagreement shall be adjusted in the following manner.

    The grievance shall be discussed with the employers immediate supervisor and/or manager within five (5) days of the known occurence giving rise to the grievance.

    If the grievance is not resolved at this meeting the grievant must submit a signed grievance through the Local Union to the Employer within fifteen (15) working days from the date of the occurence.

    Verbal Warnings, warning notices and suspensions shall become inoperative after a nine (9) month period of time. After this time period, the employee shall not be discharged without following the steps of progressive disciplinary action.

    Each of the parties shall make an earnest attempt to settle all differences, but in the event they fail, an Arbitrator shall be mutually selected for Arbitrations and his decision shall be final, binding and conclusive on both parties.

    It is the intention of both the Local Union and the Employer that the grievant recieve a hearing as soon as possible but not longer than the 30 days from the time of the filing of the written grievance unless otherwise mutually agreed to.

    The Arbitrator shall render a short formed decision within three (3) working days of such hearing.


    In this addendum, it was the intention of the local and the company to settle all differences in a timely manner. Over the years, this meant arbitrations for sups working or discharges and mainly to bypass the pointless panel system.

    In the panel system, a case can crawl through and take up to 1 year to finalize, and even then, the case could deadlock and no decision be made final. This system is a failure and will always continue to be a failure.

    This addendum, provided an alternative solution to handling cases. An outside person to weigh the evidence and make a ruling within 35 days of the filing of the grievance from start to finish. Either way, the employee had the decision and went forward with his life.

    In addition, ALL warning letters, suspensions, discharges or any other type of discipline in an employees file would become INACTIVE after 9 months and could NOT be used against any employee in future disciplinary actions.


    A major concession to the company thats screws us all in 396.

    Now, we are placed into the WEST language for discipline and discharges.

    Anyone with ANY experience in the panels knows that the un-official term for panels is called the "DEADLOCK committee".

    Panels waste a week of time for the Union and Company. Cases are rarely heard first time out and postponed.. Problem is, it takes 120 days to get to a panel hearing, then postponed and another 120 days. Then , if the case is lucky enough to be heard, a deadlock vote will commence and the case will be sent forward to WRT for review. If they cant render a decision, it will then be subject to arbitration.. This process will take 1 year.

    Good luck 396er's.

    Better learn to stay out of trouble!!!

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    While it is a shame this protection is gone, 'staying out of trouble' should not be difficult for honest, hardworking Teamsters. Right? :w00t:. -Rocky
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    Worked for 20 years my tail off, never have "Screwed up", if you keep your nose clean you should have no problems
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    I see this kind of the same way I see people talking about the GPS language. If you're not doing the stuff you're not supposed to do you really don't have much to worry about. Now the company may try push once in awhile just to see how far they can go but that happens whether language is there or not.
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    Well, well, well,

    I see the part time management of the company got up early to voice there collective ignorance on this subject.

    Listen knuckleheads, this addendum being removed from our package rider is not about DRIVERS doing anything wrong. Its about the COMPANY doing things wrong and the matter of time to fix it.

    I wouldnt expect the three of you to understand that, since given your tenure with the company you know about as much as a center manager who knelt down for three months and got promoted to operations.

    The issue here is simple, with the wonderful language in this proposed contract for triple time for excessive OT, and 2 hours penalty pay for 8.0 hour violations, being in the panel system makes these penalties worthless as it will take about a year to get the case settled.

    Any contractual violation by the company will automatically end up in the panel system and it potentially can take a year to settle any case.

    This is great for the company and I give Kudos to the UPS negotiating team for kicking the collective aZZes of our Officers in our local.

    I am not sure what was in the deal for the Officers of all the locals to accept this contract, and after listening to the Officers, they seem convinced that the company was prepared to see the Teamsters strike in july 08.

    So, listen sonny boys, give your rhetoric a break, if you would like to respond to any of my posts with any intelligence, try demonstrating some by posting something of some substance.

    Otherwise, play on the other threads.

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    You anger and insults are so endearing, keep up the good work :)
  7. BrownShark

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    Shut you down, didnt it?

  8. TheVoice

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    The old-guard is going to give us no love on this. Those of us that vote no, stand-alone. I am being told, that if this thing gets sent down, and then ends up as a strike, that they will not participate on the line. In so many words, we are being strong armed for a yes vote. Its going to get more ugly by the minute for those of us who have voiced that we are voting no. With descent growing between the Yes and No voters, will it be possible to have unity when we need it, if indeed this thing gets sent down?

    The Voice
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    can you please write in a larger font - it's hard to read jibberish when it's so small....
  10. Damok

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    Not in the least and I'm surprised you'd be wasting time on little ole me. I will continue to post on the issues that concern me and watch you respond with more insults and name calling. It's actually a nice break in my day.
  11. RockyRogue

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    I actually find it funny when posters like him go for the bag of insults and names. It doesn't help my opinion of the organization they claim to represent. Shark, are you listening??? YOU ARE DOING A DISSERVICE TO YOUR BROTHERHOOD WHEN YOU BRING OUT THE INSULTS AND NAME-CALLING!! -Rocky
  12. TheVoice

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    How many of you still haven’t gotten your ballot? If its not here tomorrow it is suggested that I should call my Union hall. How many people still haven’t gotten theirs yet?
  13. BrownShark

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    As far as im concern, there is no room in the "Brotherhood" for your type.

    In fact, its too bad you no longer work for ups, cause id make a call to your BA and find out more about you, then come meet you myself.

    Then, after you got out of intensive care, I would come back and check your pulse and bring you a fresh pair of underwear.

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    :confused:1 Nothing in the mail yet!
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    Hey Brownshark, you know , you bring up a valid post, and the substance of your response is right on target. However your "Goodfellows" attitude dilutes your credibility and inability to have a civil conversation. In order to have people take you serious, lose The Tony Soprano drama queen act and lighten up. The "Brotherhood" doesn't run around the neighborhood with sticks and clubs like the old days, I think we are a little more sophisticated than that these days. You seemed to be a fairly inteligent person who's read the contract, but why can't you just reply with facts, opinions and reasoning, instead of threats and insults.
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    He doesn't know how to deal with people that disagree with him. His way is the only way and rather than try to have a civil discussion and understand another view point he reverts to 5th grade schoolyard bullying. It's as transparent as it is amusing. :D
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    Brown Shark,
    Keep up the great job, sometimes you have to talk that way to the wanabees who think they know it all. I agree wuth your comment about them kneeling down. Isn't that how they all get promoted or is that why they want to get promoted
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    Personal attacks and threats are not allowed here so please either comply with the community standards or move on to another website. All opinions are welcome here and your attempts to invalidate the viewpoints of others because they don't agree with you diminishes your credibility here.

    From the Terms of Service:

    It is fine to disagree with a different viewpoint, but please limit this to challenging the idea and not make your comments a personal challenge or make derogatory personal comments about individuals, their ideas or their situation. The latter is considered to be a flame and will not be tolerated.
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    396 was screwed when H was re-elected.
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    Efren H? Man what a kicker