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  1. Alex Harding

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    well, im a new hire for PT preloading, i started on the 18th of last month, and i love it. this last week the normal PT sup for my line And the FT sup in charge of the center were both on vacation. so they put some other PT sup from another center over to where my line is and he said he was in charge of "training me" for that week. it was all good, i got the preloading down really good this week, and then yesterday was my 30 days with the company. but today, i had my 2 trucks, about 470 pieces between them, and i start loading them up like normal, but then about 10 minutes later he comes down to tell me to go do the last three trucks on the end which are like 950 pieces, and then later i can go back to my 2 and that he would help me by pulling from the cages for me and i went on with it. then after a bit of him noticing i was frustrated, he told me "ok, im going to load these two trucks for you since you are still in training so you can focus on your loading skills" and then i asked him how long training is, and he replied saying " oh its 70 days, it used to be 30, but they changed it" after that i went and spoke to another loader which is the safety rep for the line, and he told me that sup is full of it, and i can file a grievance since i am still on the 90 day probation. to add onto that, i went through the trucks he loaded and there were several walk ins, that were even marked to show they were validated. then towards the end he told me that he was going to stack the packages inside the truck for me to load them to the shelves, and for me just to worry about the HIN. then after a bit he comes in to ask, "are you verifying that they are in the right truck?" and i told him as far as i know, but then he goes to like 2 of the packages he gave me to load which already had the HINs written by him on there that they were for the wrong truck. besides all that, he pulled almost all of the boxes off the cage line. if im not mistaken, PT sups cant handle packages other than if they are damaged or leaking, right? but then on top of that,he told the preloader next to me when i went to the restroom "don't get too comfortable with him, he wont be here that much longer". what do i do??
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    Just enjoy the weekend and forget about it your just to new
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    Don't get your buns in an uproar over this one. Make yourself a note of what happened and tuck it away somewhere. When your regular sup gets back just mention it to him without whining or anger. Let him know you missed him because the other guy wasn't very good and stacked wrong pkgs in a car. Don't even mention what he said about you to someone else. If you stay with UPS you'll hear much worse than that and learn to blow it off. In addition, you were in the restroom, right? You didn't hear it so it may not even have been said. People can say whatever they want, doesn't mean it's true.

    Don't file a grievance, there's nothing to grieve at this time. It will make you look like a troublemaker.

    Sups can handle pkgs when they are training. Don't make issue on it.

    Just do the best you safely can, try not to make waves, don't take anything personally, don't trust people a lot just yet - especially those who come up and say they will be your buddy, and let the crap fall where it may. Just make sure you don't allow yourself to be the target for that crap.
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    Hang in there and always do the job you were trained to do. That is his way of deluding himself into thinking he has power. Don't give him any!
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    ok cool. honestly the main thing that bugged me is that he lied to me blunt face. is there anything exactly on that i can do, or should i just leave it. for sure im going to enjoy this weekend though.
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    Just leave it. Par for the course at this company. Don't give the guy another thought 'cause he's not worth it. Have some fun and rest your body. Hell is fixing to break loose.
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    grieving him will ensure they get rid of you before your probation is up, just ignore him, do your job, and wait for your normal supes to come back from vacation

    try talking to another hourly who's been there for awhile on some tips for dealing with supes, they'll be able to bring you up to speed fast