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    When I started UPS about 4 years ago, I was told about all the cool things you get for being a part time upser. Discounts on many things, awesome insurance, and a loan.

    What I was told is you have to be at UPS for a certain period. I think a couple years, but I could be wrong, If you got a loan you would have to be with the company for a certain amount of time or you would have to pay the loan UPS gave you.

    Now I've done pretty well financially up until just this last month. My car has just fallen apart in a matter of weeks. Blown tire, Battery dead (possible alternator) and other things. Now working UPS part time is a good way to pay the bills, but there's not a lot of room for problems should they come up.

    Well here is my problem: Does UPS still have this loan program? I remember it being up to 2 grand. I wouldn't even need that, maybe 1k for a down deposit on a more reliable car or 500 to try and see if I can get my car up and running. Staying with UPS is no problem. I plan on being a driver when I get enough seniority. Anyone know about this? I only have a car I can borrow for a couple weeks. I really want to take advantage of this program if it's still around.
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    It was called a "Concearn Loan". I believe it was mainly or college kids (like every other insentive at UPS now). They did away with that a while ago.
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    You know I figured that. I asked my supervisor and he said he didn't know and i asked some of the new workers and they said nothing was mentioned during their training. Guess I waited too late to experience financial troubles. but thanks for the help. I appreciate it.
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    Apply for a credit card online, and you'll probably have it by next week.
    They do have some that have low or no interesst rates for the first 6 months.

    Probably best bet, and ofcourse try to pay it off as soon as you can.
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    Get another job to go along with your PT UPS job and you'll be all set. I worked a FT job (4 ten hours days) and my PT UPS job before I became a driver.