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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by PigSkin, Jul 28, 2013.

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    Anyone know when the Sunday Sort is going to be switched to another hub? Or, get rid of it all together. UPS is not a police station or a hospital. No need to be open on Sundays. Happy employees make a better company. Many people are looking for others jobs or are just going to plain quit or get fired. Enough is enough already!!

    We're going on over 3 years (August 1, 2010) soon and everyone is sick of it (and that's putting it mildly). Attendance is horrible. There are ALWAYS people out.

    One of the bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: reasons they gave for working Sundays is an extended weekend. Extended weekend my ass! How do you figure that? We start on Thursdays at 11:15 PM and then Sundays at 6PM. That's 5 hours and 15 minutes less of a weekend.

    Another question. Why isn't Sunday start time at 11 PM? Give everyone a 72 hour weekend.

    Hopefully we'll lose Amazon. If Amazon is smart they'll bounce.
  2. you aint even know it

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    Stop being lazy. Some people would love to get atleast two hours added onto their weekly hours.
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    Your midnight sort runs on Sunday? The only sort in my hub that runs on Sunday is Noonday, which runs Sunday - Thursday roughly ~12:00 PM/1:00 PM -5:00 PM. Most of the guys don't even get their gurantee and just go home; because it's straight time, they tend to let a lot of Twilight/Midnight guys work and send the Noonday guys home that don't want to be there.

    Midnight and Twilight run Monday - Friday.
  4. PigSkin

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    First off what does lazy have to do with it?

    Secondly it's more than two hours Einstein. Much more.
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    Your hub is a million times more intelligent and better run their ours that's for sure. Nobody wants to be there on Sundays in our situation it's been too damn long (3 years)
  6. Wally

    Wally Hailing from Parts Unknown.

    Sunday should be triple time in my opinion.
  7. PigSkin

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    LOL! Agreed! In the infinite wisdom of UPS it's straight time!!
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    By the way when I say Attendance is horrible I really mean it. In three years so that's approx 156 Sundays there has not been one, I'll repeat that not one, Sunday with perfect attendance.

    There's always a handful, to say the least, of people out.

    Also, we do not have Easter Sunday off! But the twilight shift gets Good Friday off. Go figure!
  9. ikoi62

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    why do you deserve a 72 hour weekend? nobody else gets one...
    Grow up...it seems like your the only one bitching about it..Parsippany has had a Sunday sort for at least 10 years or more and i don't see one person here complaining. Grow up. go someplace else if you don't like the hours.or like i said before transfer to another sort.
    And what the hell does Local 177 have to do with you working on Sundays? The Hours are set by the company.
    and before you say it i am not a supervisor been in local 177 28 years.
  10. PigSkin

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    I'm probably calling in tonight (Sunday)
  11. PigSkin

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    What are you talking about, idiot? Everyone else gets a 72 hours weekend.

    Everyone's bitching about it. The whole world doesn't post at Browncafe
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    my guess is its not the first time you have..and im sure they are happy when you do.
  13. ikoi62

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    lets see...a driver who starts at 830 on Friday and gets out at say 7 pm on Friday night (early), gets maybe 59 hours off for the weekend.
    Idiot?? you do realize that 72 hours equals 3 days off right? and if you work a 5 day week you realize the those 2 numbers, 5+3 add up to 8 dont you..
    ‚Äčoh wait...you call in on Sundays so i guess your right..
  14. jumpman23

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    61 hour weekend here . Punch out at 8 on fri night. 8pm to 12am =4 hours. Off sat and sun=48 hours. 12am sun night til 9am start time on mon is 9 hours. 48+4+9=61 hours
  15. PigSkin

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    My bad.

    What I meant by 72 hour weekend was start time to start time.

    If you have a real job and work Mon-Fri 9am to 5 PM there's a 72 hour weekend.

    Sorry for that misunderstanding.
  16. PigSkin

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    Actually here's where you prove your ignorance again. They go crazy when you call out like working at UPS saves lives or something. LOL!!
  17. ikoi62

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    ummmm no. 72 hours still equals 3 days off and using your own 9-5 theory
    5 pm to midnight is 7 hours.midnight Friday to midnight Sunday is 48 hours. midnight to 9 am Monday equals 9 hours
    7+48+9=64 still not 72 or as you put it 3 days off
    take today off, your brain will thank you.

    showing my ignorance...
  18. ikoi62

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    here is where you ignorance shows..we deliver medication and oxygen and other things to help them,you have heard of time sensitive deliveries? like eam's and next day air..i used to deliver eam's to a hospital intended for surgery's that were to be done that day.. maybe not life saving to you or I but i bet the person getting the operation done would think so.
  19. PigSkin

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    No jackass. This time I'll type slower so you can comprehend.

    If you work Mon-Fri 9 to 5 you report in on Friday at 9 and then Monday at 9. That's 72 hours, Einstein.

    At the Saddle Brook hub the midnight shifts starts at 11 or 11:15 PM Thursday and then Sunday start time is 6 PM. That's 5 hours short of the 72 hour weekend.

    No other way to explain it to you. Get it thru your skull.
  20. PigSkin

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    Few and far between. Still no reason to work Sundays, dummy.