Local sort and preload question?

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  1. Powell2fresh

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    Hello. I have worked an the local sort for 6 years now. Always work the preload for peak season as well. My question is are you able to be hired into both shifts? I've always heard you can't but is it actually in the union book? I have really grown to depend on the money. I'm from Barrie Ontario Canada if the is important. 4685
  2. eats packages

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    Sign up to double shift every day or bid 22.3 (But those bids are coveted and generally are very hard to get, often needing 10+ years of seniority)
  3. Elmo.goes.to.prom

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    No double shifting in our building.

    I dont know about the contract.
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    Look around for a double shift extra-work sign up list. My building has double shifts but only for staffing emergencies.
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    Ask your supervisor, if they like you you just might get asked. We have 4-5 guys in our bldg that work both every day all year.
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    Did Lake Simcoe freeze over yet?